Special Event... Delete your Perk Day

I keep seeing so many cool events like the Blacksmith Meltdown…

I want to see a delete your perk day. 

1 (or 2) days where you can delete unwanted perks for free!

This sounds good actually… Even when it sounds like almost no event because only a very tiny detail changes (almost no event for everyone, because this failure Offense Boost is like no event for most players, but still not everyone).

they need to fix the “get same perk after deleting it” bug for this to help.

I’m pretty sure they already did fix that cause if you click to delete a perk before you say yes (so you can still back out), it will show the probability of what you’re new perk will be and the deleted perk won’t be in the list.  At least it isn’t on my system and only droid tablet. 

Hey, the table that show probability of what I will get after I delete my current perk does include the current perk. since the perks like xpboost have more probability the chances to get them again again is more.

Damn now mine’s back to the error again…

It was working a while ago (I think). 

Before the update.