special offers and inventory slots

What would happen if I tried to purchase a special offer featuring an entire set of hero gear, but didn’t have enough inventory slots open for all of that new gear?

In that case the inventory will be expanded by the extra number.

First ”Make inventory full” 25/25  
I would recommend you to buy special offers or get cavern equipment

by logic I will temting to say exactly like Cave of grave good who give +1 if you are full. Its the same. You paid money to buy a set to its like buy directly gems to expand space. So if you buy a full sets you gain +9 space. So if you are full at 45/45 after you buy the offer you will be at 54/54. Always wait to be full before buy a offer

Thank you for your replies.

You are both correct, I did receive all of the hero items, and I now have the extra 9 inventory slots to hold the new items.