Special offers

My colleague has just received nice special offer: 5k gems, blacksmith set (9 clothes) and 25 pro tickets for 45US$.

I think that this offer would be interesting for many players, unfortunately I haven’t received it.

So I have some questions about special offers.

How do the special offers work?

Why some of the players receive an offer but others no?

Do offers depend on system (iOS, Android, Win)?

Do offers depend on your previous purchases?

I would be really grateful if anyone can explain how it works :grinning:

Typically everabody receives them, there is only a slight delay from player to player. You should have it also soon.

I got an offer this morning too. No where near as good as that one?

Another odd thing? A lot of the armour in the special offer is for boosting the now useless hammerstrike spell?

The spell is so nerfed at this point that I doubt any amount of armour boost would make it useful?

As the hammerstrike armour I already forged is way stronger than what is offered?

Yet my spell will no longer kill a small fly?

The hammerstrike nerf was way too much and the spell is now basically a dead thing.

Ahhh the Pearl’s I wasted on it…and its armour…?

Me too ?

Yes, everyone receive the offer with delay of one day. Normaly they are the same, but it also happen that there are some differences in amount of pearls and gems.

I also received this “special offer” but I agree with Kuska… Useless for nerfed Hammerstrike and a little bit the feeling of “push to pro-leque.”


will consider for 2.99$.

did not get my wish. was offered same deal just now for 19.99$ at a x4 discount.

2000 gems. full blacksmith set. 6 pro tickets.

did not take, I have this set already. would have gladly upgraded for 2.99$.

maxed hammerstrike after the nerf, have no problems using it. seems ok to me. no complaints.

the set has useful items as well, helmet is good, cape is excellent still use, armor is excellent still use, gloves excellent still use, belt is excellent, and ring got me through vein of gold xxviii.

all around decent set. would have loved an upgrade. its not a ‘one time offer’ though.


do not forget to have full inventory when purchasing this. its where some real value to offer will be.

Curious, why are all the offers mentioned different?  Here’s mine…

Also curious that Flare has offered 2 gem sales very close to each other.  Sorry, still holding out for the 20k gems for $49.99 USD sale.