Special Season Boost ideas

Hey, so back in 1970 or something I made my first list of Special Season Boost ideas, which I can’t find, but what I can tell you is that two of my ideas, Burst Bomber and Nimble Mummy, were originated from my ideas (probably by accident). But we’ve moved on since then, so here are some more ideas for you: :wink:


Bouncy Archer : The archer’s arrows bounce off enemies and thereby can hit multiple opponents (suggested max. 3 enemies).

Serpentaladin: Paladins deal poison damage (+50%) and cast a mini toxic cloud when they die.

Gatecrusher: The ogre has an improved range, thereby allowing it to hit over the path and to hit trap towers (suggested range - 3.0)

Clustergoyle: Gargoyles are faster (suggested speed: 4.0) and have a larger explosion radius (suggested radius - 4.0)

Wizard Flyer: Gargoyles cast black magic on nearby enemies when they die (max black magic morale: 16)

Birdshooter : The cannon has a slower attack rate (0.15 for normal cannons, 0.5 for storm cannons) but shoot gargoyles instead of cannonballs.

Sharp shooter: The arblaster has a much larger range (8.5) but fires more slowly (attack rate: 2.5)

Wild Wolf : The werewolf has a much faster attack rate and deals more damage (attack rate 3.0, 50% additional damage)


Blaster Tower: Arrow towers fire more quickly (attack rate 3.0) and have more health (+20%).

Trapdoor: Spikes spawn Arblasters when they die. (number of Arblasters vary per level)

Spawner of Knights: Bomb towers spawn knights from every bomb (number of knights vary per level)

Warped Wall: Time slows down (for the attacking side) the closer you get to the barricade (max slowdown: 50% at 1.0 range) but the barricade is extremely weak against fire (400% weak).

Farfrost Tower: The frost tower has more health (+25%), does much more damage (+100%) and has a much increased range (7.0 range)!

Hammerstruck: When the blockade dies, a mini Hammerstrike is cast.

Snowflake Striker: The Firebolt Tower does additional ice damage (+50%) but has a shorter range (5.0)

Sneaker Snaker: Much like the zombies, the Snake Tower turns the enemies it kills to fight for your side! It also spawns ghost units when it is destroyed, but has a fatal weakness to ice (150% weakness).

Shellshocked Tower: The Lightning Tower has a longer stun duration (+100%) and additional jolts (+100%), but fires more slowly (attack rate: 0.25). It is now immune to slowdown or stun.


Hope you enjoyed reading my ideas guys :wink: :wink:











You say all i think, boosts until the end of the year (;

I mean keeping this will really damage the defender’s base. 

This would be worse than Uber LT for top alliances. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice suggestions. Although some seem dangerous.  :wink:

I’ll add to it

Mountain Wolf - Has only 50% weakness to ice and deals more damage.

Power Mummy - Spawns 3 gargoyles upon death.

Megafroster - 100% more health.

Ice Guardian - Paladin Deals 50% additional ice damage and has no weakness to ice.

Panic Tower - After a Gargoyle Tower is destroyed, it creates panic.

Enraged Monk - Lets out battlecry when heals units. Also 25% attack rate boost.

Magical Mummy - Creates Black Magic when it stuns units.

Healing Mortar - This mortar shoots heal bombs at friendly units. It has 2x attack rate.Heal=Poison damage dealt.

Mighty Sprinter - This Ogre has higher attack rate and speed, but proportionally lower damage.

Super Pyro - +10% damage, health and speed.

Shocking Frost - Froster has ability to stun victims for a very short period.

Commander - Knights are larger, deal more damage and have more HP but are slow.

Furious Firebolt - Ignites units near its victims.

Christmas Cannon - Slows down its targets.


That would be extremely good, just to have heal bombs being thrown at you every 2 secs to heal you. I think attack rate should be kept the same though otherwise it might be a little OP.

But nice ideas as well - just hope Flaregames will listen to it

Some more ideas -

Rage Bomber - When a bomb tower’s bomb explodes, it spills out rage among friendly troops.

Tower of Revenge - When a skull tower is destroyed, skull bombs are thrown in a range of 2.00 near the tower.

Swordrain Tower - After an arrow tower is destroyed, a small swordrain is casted. They also come with more health.

Rampaging Froster - Frosters create rage and healing effect among them when a friendly froster dies.

Shielded Guards - Paladins spawn with a shield and more health.

Royal Archer - Only attacks towers in offense and has 1.5x attack rate as well as 71% additional range. Is bigger in size as well.


I love the Power Mummy and Gate Crasher!

What about this upgrade to Shielded Guards…  Paladins cast a small radius Shield Spell every 20 seconds or so.

Nice idea but…never be in the game. You know Flare they add 1 idea on 500.

+1 for the idea