Special thanks for the Team of Olympus Rising

@CaptainMorgan and @Chris I don’t know for the others but for me I am more than satisfy with your work. You do really a excellent job come on what I say excellent? you do awesome,fantastic and really huge impressive job. Olympus Rising become more and more fun each update. Thanks guy. Wih the Odyssey adventure in 3.4 and the Phoenix in previous update and all the stuffs you add and do. When we tell you a bugs you fix it. You are always present on this forum. When we have question you answer

It’s important for me to tell you that. thanks you again to have make this awesome game and continue to do update so often. That proof you have great passion, the flame still in you and you really give your 100% in the game :grinning: You give all you have

Really fun to see a team work like this. So great to have you

I hope to have you two for a long long time :slight_smile:

Yes exactly @Warriornator I love to play this game.

I am waiting to see what’s new in 3.5…

Thanks guys,

Though often our good intentions appear otherwise to some people, it means a lot to the team to get a post like this sometimes!

I will pass your message on to the rest of the development team here.

   There are a few very laud instigators posting like crazy. They are not the voice of the hardcore players and not of the majority of course, pff (people champion) my ass.

_    I lost interest in many games thru out the years trying to find one great one, you guys inspired me to open a YouTube channel, and buy a awesome phone for this game.  _

_  You have my interest and attention, and captured my imagination,  thus… I like to dream of a ever better OLYMPUS RISING _

More XP if player have a lots of enhanced stuffs? Oh great!!! Now the game will be more fun. Thank you so much!!! Really appreciated.

I go test that right now!!

Edit : After test it I love it. Fantastic Job thank you so much for this server update. I love it


Yesterday(Jason was done on yesterday) all my heroes were maxed out  :slight_smile:

Good Job Guys. In my opinion, Olympus rising is the best android game ever. cause I love the graphics and specialy the charachters. they are pefect and I suggest you to make others like Poseidon, ares & Kratos…ect
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Wow out of word this morning. This game become so epic, so legendary.

Great Work!!! each update make us stunning. So impressive

Thanks you for make this game the best of all

I know @Warriornator from the Royal Revolt forum. He does not easily give praise. So this is well deserved.

I have been playing OR now for 6 days and it is a very good experience. Both in the game and on the Forum.

Well done!

I bump this topic to say a huge thank you to OR team. With the celebrity chest who offer 2,000 gems free. A big help for new players. This kind of chest should be in the game some time. ?I’m kidding.

on my main account that allow me to spend 1,500 gems and unlock Odysseus full power to finish Cyclop islands and on my ipad lol I got too Odysseus Package so I have unlock his 4th power slot

This gift is awesome. Thank you OR team and CaptainMorgan. Impatient to see what 4.0.0 offer soon but I can say in advance its gonna be a good job

Happy birthday OR. Well deserve it