Special Uber Chest Question.

If I buy the 10 uber chest during this Granny Event and I don’t open all the chest during the event, will I still get better chances to get special Uber items?

Was posted by Alysea-yes

Yup. It applies to when you got the chests, under what conditions.

Cool so I can buy the uber chest now and open them tomorrow and still have the better chance of getting a special Uber item? Where did she already answer this? I knew the moment I posted this the first reply would be that it has already been answered :slightly_frowning_face:

I saw it myself but no idea where or when. Those you buy during event can be opened later with conditions of the event, those you buy before event and open during event won’t have any increased chances if  special items.

Great! Thanks.

If you already have good items, it seems a waste somehow…I tried, was left wanting.