Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

Sounds like a really cool event. But why does the cool stuff always happen when I can’t play lol. Viking Festival, Halloween Festival, All the Zombie Themed Ninja events. Two horribly timed crashes I guess :slightly_frowning_face:   :lol: 

What I mainly like about this new event is the dungeon digging time, although it’s not much help to players who are stuck on dungeons. All it does is make them feel horrible

Just gem your way through dungeons if you get stuck.

A few gems are worth not having to wait 2 weeks for the next dungeon.

the current event for me is useless. shorter time in dungeons only for new players I think.

So I did 16 straight dungeons todays…I am done with it  :grinning:

It’s fantastic, I am only a stuck at the 1k gems level (just before max wolf), since our team doesn’t have mad monks and I don’t have Aska for fresh troop supply. And since a lot of membrs use instas, it’s waiting for fresh ones. Without surprise mummy as alternative it’s waiting for some seasonal insta troops to beat that level.

Ceres plus heal ring (117%) not helping at that final gem level , the purtrid prawlers kill every troop pretty fast. All by all I am happy, did win the level before crave of goods xxx yesterday, today crave of goods xxx, mummy, vein of gold, ogre, final crave of goods were won 100%. Some levels it was kamikaze to get scrolls with intention to win in time. Ogre on last second.

Final crave of goods kaser was the show stealer. Beast killed everything including hero. Two scrolls later and kaiser blow beast was gone. With only kaiser and bladestorm, firestorm and blizzard rest was beaten. Made it with a few seconds left. A nightmare level, never saw so many troops, screen was completely pink. Spend over 1k gems, but I now have two remaining dungeons. When I beat this one, I only need one more dungeon, the wolf.

I am also on that 1k gem dungeon lol. I am waiting for putrid prowlers to try it again with them. I already failed twice on that dungeon with KOW ceres TC blade sheild. 

That’s an option, I was out of insta troops and since a lot of members also tried, it’s now waiting to get new instas. That level is beatable with insta troops I guess. Aso purtrid prawlers could be good option to destroy. I use three offensive spells there, bladestorm, blizzard and firestorm, since heal ring (117% right now) keeps hero somewhat alive and Ceres copies them. But it’s hard to keep troops alive, those that survive are converted. FTB made it with Aska, one of the pals I don’t have. And scrolling my way through is undoable without surprise mummy or an insta troop or aska. We need troops nearby hero to make this level.

Purtrid prawlers did the job, mine are forged on damage and attack rate. Wolf you need kaiser and kamikaze technique. Troops don’t come far anyway. I used heal ring to stay as long alive as I could, used spells (bladestorm, blizzard and firestorm) to take care of troops.

First try, without kaiser, couldn’t beat beast, so ran for gate, probably missed a tower and got 99%:frowning:. Second attempt, same, but this time beast destroyed my tent, before I could scroll the gate. Third attempt, kamikaze technique with kaiser, plus heavily scroll. Did 4 times (2 times on purpose to get scrolls), but final dungeon is done. Cost me 2500 gems, but done is done.?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂??

Cost 2500 gems???..

Failed three times without scrolls…then decided to gem it. Used two timewarp one in the beginning after destroying basilisk and blockade and second when the carnage of putrid prawlers starts…It was all easy after that. 43sec remaining…

Set up: WOK with fire, shield and blizzard supported by irmgard.

Note: Using cannon and monk both as insta can help more… 2-3 cannon in beginning then 2-3 monks… 

Yep, it’s a lot. But when everything else is maxed, you can afford to spend it. Most went to wolf level by planned resurrections. Tried three times like I said, that was costly.

With that amount of gems, I beat final 7 dungeon levels. And those gems I got for free. So it’s a good investment, at least bettter than 140+ days waiting time.

I know I could have bought pro tickets or anything else, but I now have max monsters, that’s worth something.

I bet there is more behind this one minute dungeon cool down. Players will spend cash to finish those dungeons at any cost, but may will be less fortunate. This is a one time opportunity, beat a dungeon and play the other one immediately after that.

I used vouchers to refill bread.

Why I expect version 4.0 within a couple of weeks? With new dungeons which are even more impossible than the current ones.

@Dena4 I found all the dungeons except the 1000 gems one doable without gems atleast for my level… So it’s quite surprising to see this 2500 gems. Anyway the happiness after completing the dungeons is more satisfying so… Done is done!!! ?..Congratulations 

I am not the best raider for sure, that I compensate by scrolling in dungeons. I play for safety and sometimes even scroll (in dungeons) when there is plenty of time remaining. It also depends on boosts plus their strength which are available. Those from my team are not that strong and we don’t have boosts for supporting pro paladin and war boosts also not available. So plain WOK combo, since we even don’t have mad monks. Aska I also don’t have, so FTB video also doesn’t help at all with the gem dungeon.

Indeed, a day ago I thought, here we go again… 19 days 5 hours to wait. When the fourth event started I was surprised to see my dungeon was ready to go. That first one I did without a single scroll. For me it was a now or never moment.

Like I said, everything else (AT is maxed today) is maxed, so for me it was worth it. Thank you for congratulations.

That’s a lot of gems ?

Yes I immediatel admit that. Especially last wolf level was expensive. Needed three tries, first one 99% second one beast destroyed my tent, just before I could detroy the gate (beast beat me just in time and past a bunch of prawlers), so I decided to finish it at all costs. Three attempts are expensive.  

And what is your level?  :slight_smile:

Right it depends on boosts present …Initially I used to wait long time for the juggernaut to come to complete one level but the last 10-15 levels are quite easy. I also use the plain wok. I don’t nesd monks. Irmgard is more than enough.

I have completed all the dungeons and all I have spent is less than 80 gems. I’m a free player so I was always miser with gems. But now I have achieved everything… Forum has helped a lot in this. Thanks to all forum players.


110…two level up in this event. So may be originally 108.

@AwesomestKnightest I think you should rename your topic : Dungeon Trick and Help :lol: