Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

Use ogre,knight and wolf,for spell go with toxic cloud with max slowdown,bladestorm and shield,i have completed all the dungeons without using any gems,although my healing ring is at 110%

Very good of some who did it without any scrolls, you have my deepest respect. Maybe I use the incorrect spells, I am not used to raid with three offensive spells, maybe I should train on that part. 

I don’t have irmgard, also no Aska. So those I can’t use.

you should try. Like many I was unsure to use 3 offensive spells but since maybe 1 year I use only 3 offensive spells. Its better than use shield or heal. Since the add of the pal you can more easily use 3 offensive spells. Maybe before 3.0 that was hard but since 3.0 its easy

For irmgard oh yeah if some players don’t have it, try to find it in pal chest. He is really strong. its the only reason why I still play sometime on my ipad account. Irmgard have a special attack who destroy all in one shot its crazy. He cast a kind of huge wall who push back units and destroy all at the same time

by example if you face a base full of Monk or Ogre. Irmgard will help. More you level him up at 7+ and more he is crazy. Maybe just his second special thing I don’t get it when he do it. He heal too like Tammy but seem to be random. I know he heal like crazy at the gate he release heal power non stop but during the raid seem random and pretty low heal effect

That huge wall is called knockback which is its special ability(knockback has blunt damage) and the healing is not random. It heals with every attack so if something is around for him to hit you will get healed like crazy continuously. 

Aha, that’s good to know. Then panda is indeed no longer needed. Used him a lot in dungeons. He heals, but doesn’t do a lot of damage. That cost me precious time. Kaiser doesn’t heal, but is a great destructor. Only his short range doesn’t help against towers and ranged troops in adjacent lane. When I get irmgard, I will try.

Sounds like best fun is still to come … and I stupidly thought that I my dungeon is hard lol

What is your level?

What’s your aska lvl??

This is the best Event which Flare could have provided to satisfy most of the players and my god they did it… Awesome work Flare Team.

Irmgard is much better than tammy. I have not used tammy since I got his cute brother irmgard…His destruction is not same as kaiser but it’s very useful. You can watch @oPelle’s video to know more how it functions. 

Oh, but Ceres does also a great job. He boosts troops, copies them and even heals them. Only… there must be troops around and that was main problem in last dungeon levels. So kaiser was the alternative that worked with push forward technique.


Ceres doesn’t heal

Think again, it’s one of it’s hidden powers.

The howl of Ceres gets your troops boosted, making them receive a damage reduction while the effect is active. It’s not the same as healing…

Nope, troops nearby get a little bit health, not much, but still.

?grab your popcorn the next part will be interesting…will Ceres is able to heal or not. Find out in the next episode who come soon…?

It’s me! ?


Perhaps that’s because a heal aura effect from ring that you wear? because my Ceres didn’t know how to healing my troops.

I even did a special test for you, can you show me in the video which troops get healed by Ceres?


I think it’s indeed my heal ring, I combine that always with Ceres. And warrior, no popcorn for you this time. 


I don’t like this push forward technique. It is very small and most of the time it is much behind from the king because it is slow too… Infact very slow. Sloth… I want to be a little bigger and especially because it is more beast than a pal. Making it little bigger can increase its usefulness.

Increasing its speed and increasing the cooldown time is also a point to consider.