Special Wikia Forum Contest

Greetings Queens & Kings!

We are hosting a special Wikia contest, credits go to @oPelle who initially suggested the idea!

In this contest, you have to suggest new descriptions that will be displayed on the RR2 Wikia for the Necromancer and Piro Ninja units.

To participate, you have to suggest a short sentence describing each of those units based on what they are and their abilities in a realistic  OR  funny way between August 4th, 2017 and August 18th, 2017 at 23:59 CEST (German time). Entries should be posted in this thread.

Results will be announced on August 21st, 2017.

Selection criteria:

  • The most realistic description will win
  • The funniest description will win

Rewards & Conditions:

  • Grand winner (750 gems) – the two descriptions suggested by the player matched the two criteria listed above
  • Second place (500 gems) – one of the descriptions matches one of the two criteria listed above however the entry wasn’t good enough to get first place. The description won’t be used on the Wiki but you still get the reward
  • Third place (500 gems) – one of the descriptions matches one of the two criteria listed above however the entry wasn’t good enough to get first place. The description won’t be used on the Wiki but you still get the reward

Important information:

  • Please make sure you also post your in-game user name (with the right spelling!) when posting your entry.
  • If the winning entries to not include a valid username by August 21st, 2017 at 23:59 CEST, the rewards won’t be transferred. Please make sure to include your username and double (triple if necessary) check you are used the right spelling!
  • You are only allowed to post one entry (meaning you are allowed to suggest two descriptions only once, one for each unit)
  • Entries that get heavily edited will be disqualified. However you can edit your entry shortly after having posted to correct minor typos.


  • Knight - “The Knight is the most versatile Unit for every situation and is particularly resistant to poison.
  • Archer - “The Archer is the most affordable long-range all-rounder for every situation.
  • Paladin - “The Paladin has robust armor and is brutally strong, but is weak against poison.
  • Ogre - “The Ogre’s massive club even reaches Firebolt Towers.  Evade his strikes to survive!
  • Froster - “The Froster can levitate over Spikes and is very effective against units.
  • Gargoyle - “The Gargoyle is not bound by path borders and flies to its target directly. Defeat it quickly before it sets off its deadly payload!
  • Cannon - “The Cannon is the weapon of choice when it comes to destroying buildings.
  • Pyromancer - “The Pyromancer is heavily effective from a distance, but is weak in close combat.
  • Mummy - “When summoned, the Mummy will rise from the ground to serve its master.  Its ancient curses daze and poison its enemies.
  • Arblaster - “The Arblaster represents modern long-range warfare. He is most effective against Units.
  • Werewolf - “The Werewolve’s high agility enables it to jump over barricades, storming the front with ease. Its terrible howl induces fear in its enemies.
  • Mortar - “The Mortar is a mobile poison delivery system that is most effective against Units.
  • Monk - “Monk can heal other troops and the Hero in battle but it can also attack the enemy with its Shillelagh when it is in close range.

Good luck!

  • Nikko


Necromancer “supported by his own troops, loaded with strong static charges. Be patient to unluck his full potential.”

Necromancer  -> Necromacer relies on its skeletons to tear down any attack and their wrath releases a deadly lightning strike.

Pyro Ninja -> These pocket-sized decimate armies like a Pyromancer; attack swiftly like a Firebolt Tower; and unleash their brutal Apocalypse on enemies. 


IGN: KK Star

Necromancer - Witch that summon skeleton army from the deepest darkness to protect her and grant her mana faster to unleash the powerful lighting strike to blow out enermies.

Pyro ninja - Ninja that may be the disciple of Voracious Eldrak, learn the ability of Apocalypse from their master.


IGN: Lok Goh

IGN - AwesomestKnightest

Necromancer - This scary unit brings forth a deadly lightning strike when she gets angry, be sure to have this unit in your arsenal

Pyro Ninja - These Ninjas are the fastest ever, raining fire rocks from the sky. They are deadlier than a Dragomancer, and stealthier than Granny’s beast chasing a mouse

IGN : Warriornator 2

Necromancer : Rise from the Underworld, surrounded by his army of dead skeletons, be ready to face her fury and his own power

Pyro Ninja : Specialist of the Fire element, they are so much fast then you can’t see them. They can stab you in your back and burn you in just a second   

IGN: Fourofjacks

Necromancer: [sings] They get knocked down, but then they get up again.You are never gonna keep them down. 

Pyro Ninja:  I say goodness gracious great balls of fire… oooh.

Necromancer  ->  Necromancer has a special power to creat a big army of skeletons to tear down any attack and that releases a deadly lightning strike.With full power of necro boost it creats a grand deadly army…But without necroboosts its just useless.

Pyro Ninja -> Pyro Ninja are those little armies who attack swiftly and unleash their brutal Apocalypse like fire balls on enemies. They never leave hero site…Trusted soldier…

In game : Royal Revolt 2

IGN : King Mainak.

Necromancer:  Necromancer   a deadly witch from the dark world charging a one strike kill lighting attack over time .  Using the buried troops as skeleton minions for her protection. Psst evade getting surrounded by those skeleton you won’t like it.

Pyro Ninja:   Pyro Ninja  faithful little minions running alongside with you delivering fireballs to every enemy effective against firebolt and lightning tower. the don’t like water so don’t take them to a swim.

IGN: G1nasis.

Necromancer  - Quite useless if not boosted and forged, necromancer is a lethal defensive unit for elite players in top allies and nice buttocks for the rest of the world.

Pyro ninja  - Pyro ninja was capable of generating dazzling balls of fire. Once a deadly unit, pyro ninja is totally useless now as Flaregames removed the visual effects of his fire skills, nerfing his power.

IGN : Lord Barnot


Necromancer - Has the power to strike with lightning when she’s charged up and when she needs back up she calls her dead skeleton army from the graves to fight at her side also she’s a Witch.

Pyro Ninja {Mainly called Fart Ninja?} -These little Ninjas are on fire so try to out them before you get burnt , they pelt fire balls and they are fast as lightning.



                                                                                                                                                                   COMING IN A ROYAL REVOLT 2 NEAR YOU


IGN : Darren795


*Leader Of [Dark Knights]


Necromance:  Necromancer’s  are only female troops in our army, they exactly  treated  like a women, always  give electric  shocks when somEthing  wrong, and boosted necromacer treated like Angry Womens no can win from them and every married knew very well angry women’s are deadly like boosted necromancer. But they always loyal to their king and king also love necromancer.

Pyro Ninja:  According there name Ninja always do best to defeat there enemies, they always try to save there king and kingdom.  Pyro ninjas are one of those ninjas who Burn enemies ass , hit enemy towers and kill them. One of favourite,  believable friends of king.

Necromancer :   Necromancer Deals Lighting bolt and Summons deadly skeletons. 


Pyro ninjas :  pyro ninjas burns everything who come in there path.


Ign  :  Rahul T



Necromancer : a lady wizzard which have two special power : first : she has the ability for creat an army of skeleton have a lot of dammage and less of health can attack the troops and towers and obstacles     second : she has a super lightning power when is charged by attacking troops and towers and can kill troops and it is really deadly finally the necromencer is stong unit when she boosted                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Pyro Ninja:  a little army of ninja which have a fire power it can defeat troops and towers with fire ball and have a special power an apocalipse and it is really stong unit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In game  : Royal Revolt 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             IGN : Michel Anjello          

Necromancer: Necromancer is supported by an army of skeletons and her main attrubute is her helmet made of a skull of her dead enemies wich protects her from dying.

Piro Ninja: Piro Ninja units are a creation of a typo, they do not yet exist  in the game but their main attribute is to confuse enemies with their older brothers, aka Pyro Ninjas.


ign: emgiee1

Knight: The soldier is strong and brave but weak by it’s self when thousands of knights come together no one not even the strongest can stand in their way.

Monk: The healer of the army, the one who saves lives, the one who cares about his fellow comrades, the one everyone respects, is the brave and monk.

Ign: (I’m unable to type my ign with th block brackets) My ign is (S) with block brackets

uhh… @CEZARXXX are you aware the only descriptions wanted for this event are Piro Ninja and Necromancer?

You need to write down sentences about Necromancer and Pyro Ninja, not about knight and monk :grinning:  (those were just examples)

Ok can I retype it?

Well, you can try. but then please edit the first reply, and not post new ones.