Specialty Units

With how cookie-cutter the bases are becoming, I think we need some variety. We need to encourage people to have different strategies. And what better way, than to give people different strengths and weaknesses?

Here’s my idea. At the beginning of the game, each player takes a quick personality test. Based on the test results, one of their units will unlock a “Specialty Level” at the end of the game; basically just an extra level for that particular unit.

The reason? Because with that particular unit, some strategies may be more beneficial to them than otherwise. For example, if my Paladins are Specialized, it may be beneficial for me not to overlap as much as otherwise. Contrarily, if my Archers are Specialized, then it’s in my best interest to overlap as much as possible. This way, since different strategies work better for different players, new base designs are explored and variety is re-injected.

Only one rule though: No Knights. If you’re going to give someone Knights, they have to be 90% resistant to spells. Oh, and the specialty units have to be balanced, obviously… Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair if one person got a superior specialty.

 Oh, and the specialty units have to be balanced, obviously… Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair if one person got a superior specialty.



This right here. This will be your problem. Frankly, there is absolutely no such thing as perfect balance in a game like this. One unit will be better, even if only slightly. People would eventually find that out, and figure out what answers to the personality test would give them that unit. And the test in the first place would be redundant, most people would metagame it to get the unit they want and everyone else would complain about it till kingdom come.


We defiantly do need more variety in this game tho, I agree with you on that. All adding more boosts (like in the next update) will do is give the people already on top more toys to play with.

Then perhaps you can choose a different specialty unit per week? And then you can’t choose it again for another X weeks? That way, everyone gets a chance at the specialty units they want, but not everyone can constantly have the same specialty units.

I already see it coming: Log into game and get a popup “Week of the paladin started! Paladins now have +20% speed and +30% health temporarily.”… :wink:


So some kind of “only 1 at a time, and that one being accessible for everyone (unlike expensive elite boosts)” boost, being fairly available to all players, would probably be cool indeed. Would definitely spice things up and give some weekly variation for raiding and defending. 

Reminds me a bit of some old topic where specific boosts/debuffs for each environment theme were suggested… though, such temporarily, free, fair boosts on different unit types would probably work better than that old suggestion there. :slight_smile: