speculation thread

Now as you know Royal Revolt is having a few updates in the following months, I thought it would be a good idea to try to guess what they have coming for us, a wishlist if you like.


1. I think they are going to add something like a blacksmith building, you might upgrade it very similar to alliance tower a great way to craft your own items, now the wish part, we can sell what we craft on a free market to other players or use them ourselves.


2. FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Seems every friday they are doing this. What about free bread weekend. or a great way to earn money for flare. 100 gems and unlimited bread for 1 day seems fair.


double xp (done)

alliance tower cheaper (done)

double gold



feel free to add your own speculations. I think it’s going to be a fun few months for the revolters.

I would like to have a Worker Event where:


  • Worker cost less (20% less);

  • Buildings (-40%) price and time;

  • Worker Package will pop-up more often during this period (+30%);



Suprise event

All ongoing upgrade finish 1level


I’m hoping for a gem sale :slight_smile: