speed boots

I’ve got some boots with a really high SPEED bonus. I don’t get why I should be equipping a hero with high speed boots over other boots that have the standard protection from fire / ice / lightning / poison / etc. What’s the advantage of a hero having increased SPEED. I get they’ll move faster, though I don’t see why this is strategically important.

It’s not. 

I have been asking this same question again and again but no one from developers side has ever answered it.

I don’t even like speed bonus on Prometheus and Cadmus.

Same here… I am not sure, why an unique item like that was put in the picture.  

:slightly_frowning_face:  . Just about we were talking about this… I got the same unique item again… Now I have 2 good for nothing Prometheus speed armor. Why isn’t FG looking in to this. Moreover, I got this item from Titan Horde spending gems. @GalaMorgane Why is FG developers being unfair? Y can’t they have a simple check on the unique items already present and provide the item not present? Kindly let us know, Y we’re having to spend gems and get the same item twice? Spending so much money and when something like this, we feel disappointed…

Movement speed items are not bad … I use both uniques on Persues and Prometheus they come in handy to break defence really quick if you have demolition… If you talk about having any resistance instead of speed item you can go for it forsure but if you can ring with two resistance you can use the boots or dress without losing any of the resistance… 

Correct. But they are no good if you don’t get rings with dual resistance that too with higher stats. Good items should come by. I would have opened nearly 150titan box, yet to get a good dual resistance ring, currently have one titan dual resistance ring maxed out at 30k resistance but its no use when player use blessings 24/7(both units and towers). ??? Despite of all these difficulties, players like me are still playing the game. It’s purely coz of the love for game alone. 

You don’t need to open titan chest to get dual resistance ring … Open epic or legendary chests and forge the ring to titan they will give you better stats…

That’s how I am having one ring. But, even forging till titan 5star, getting 50k stats is a difficult task. Then Y worrying about 90k’s… lol… I guess, as you earlier said, one must reach Level 131 to achieve that… Currently, at my level 125, I am not sure if its possible.

in fact, Prometheus is a crap

not true, but you need to know how to play with him (and of course he needs decently forged items) ?


@AlterPapi decently forged items that one can no longer make? Maybe all of that forging stuff is just a giant… Scheme designed to show how much certain heroes suck?

you’re right but good forged objects no longer exist ?

If you already have them, use them ?

If not I agree with you, some heroes will always suck with the current forging mechanism ?


They do, I have some and FG decided to let us use them. They only took away the possibility to forge new ones and that sucks of course!


This is dictatorship, @CaptainMorgan

You are letting top player keep thier uber forged items and you still haven’t introduced new levels and what about rest if the people how do we even imagine to compete against such strong players.

Unless you want to rest of the people use chuck load of gems to defeat such bases.

Funny thing is this decision has not affected players for whom it was intended while rest of OR players suffer.

Though I understand your frustration it is not true that forging made bases harder. Items are only for heroes and gatekeeper.

It makes bases harder  in that over time players with great forged gear can tackle high lvl oddesys, and maybe not spend gems - currently I do 7 skull and if I don’t use a pyro invocation it’s a bonus! Ok so I don’t bother forging much anymore.

GK is a decent part of the defence where if he’s OP (all 5 resistance types high %) will prob wipe out the troops you got to the gate, and make completion harder. 

Just what, I was waiting for…lol…


for players who were already at lvl 131 nothing has changed because they had the items at most while the other players will have to have items that will always be inferior, flaregames was unfair, however, no wonder as flaregames is a specialist of disloyalty in favor of the old players as it has always done in the past and how it will continue to do

My friend, you should understand that FG needs to have its own active players, to play daily without purchased gems, only using the one for free and trying to compete at top wars with normal forged items. At that point they will come in here and say, Yes, You are Right, otherwise don’t expect any better reply. ?