Speed Cup

About the current pro league, maybe I’m really not used to the current combo but as I got only 1275 until now and I have only 5m left, I’m wondering how does the other players could get so many points on it? Am I really too bad? :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s been a while I try not watching pro league videos because I don’t want to be unfair when I do mine but it seems like to be fair in pro league it’s the same thing as do not play it, people are still watching flothaboss and many others players before fighting, trying in many accounts and if it was not enough, we have a lot of cheaters.

I wondering if it pay to keep fighting or should I just keep my gems…

Ps: I have full pro gear, for war/events and for normal raids (luck gear) but I’m trying to get the pro heal ring. That’s the only reason I still make this…

Like in real life during tournament there is no room for mistakes, also during raiding in pro league, casting a spell before doing something else, spawning too few or too many troops in some points can lead to consequences. Be fast or slow in some points is necessary like not. We’re talking about a global competition. Pro league is a global competition, players from around the world can join. Who has more or less skill.

The reason that one does less points than others depends by how mentally fast you are to react on the environment around you. Your brain follows some rules, maybe you should choice a shortcut next time? Thinking different you know. (And i’m not talking about cheating, always being fair i’m talking)

A thing is certain: there are some combo that are better than others, like they put 3 troops but only 1 is the most useful (like in this case monk dominates this pro-league). Also you need to use some logic on this, you should question yourself… Should i really do this now or i can wait a bit later, maybe i have some time left so why i have to rush risking to die now, maybe having 2 min where i could destroy things slowly and gaining more points? (or doing the opposite). Things like this.

Not in all pro league cups you can finish all the last 3-4 levels. Luck is involved and you know where? The pattern that a troop follows in the path.

Just do a simple test starting from you tent. See if your troop spawn to the left or the right or center always…The answer is no, it won’t. This little thing modify the pattern throughout raid on both defensive and offensive side. This can’t be predict therefore. You need to think about this but not so much.

Regarding if it’s still worth to do it. Yes do it for you or for your alliance (to donate pro-pals).

Regarding being unfair

Who is the real skilled?

  • The guy who watches pro league videos every single week on youtube?
  • The guy who asks for advice every time?
  • The guy who can’t wait to test the latest cheat available?
  • Or the guy who just focuses on the pro league without asking?

Think about this and don’t bother on the rest.

If you watch FTB’s 3rd part of this cup for level 10 you will see he has no mortars spawn in defense. Not really the best to watch his videos anymore since they don’t even match our Pro League. He wouldn’t have passed that level if the same troops were present for him as for us. Not to mention unlimited retries.

long time we know FTB are no more useful and probably useless since he work with Flare. The Ninja Event are not the same like us and the Pro League are not the same like us. So I don’t see any point to watch his video.Sorry

Thanks @oPelle. Maybe my big problem is losing control when troops start to die next the tent. Sadly, we must wait Flare to take care of the cheaters. Anyway, I need to improve my skills, study the defense, the right moment to summon troops and many other things.

Great. You must improve your skill first.

you absolutely still get the score 12xx if fg ban the cheaters or not


Mortars at: 0:26, 2:16, 2:40, 3:22, 3:32, 3:35


Great raids @FTB.

pro is still the event which is hard.

ninja are joke, easy and i dnt like:

please dnt make pro like baby walk.

Yeah. It’s supposed to be hard not only to get better rewards but also to improve our skills. I just want cheaters to be punished ?

Mortars are in different waves than what I encountered however; at the beginning there are supposed to be mortars that spawn on the opposite path which kill all monks. Maybe waves aren’t the same for everyone? I had this happen 5 different attempts, seeing none on opposite path there.

don’t believe what FTB try to show you. Its pure lie. I remember clearly and I am sure you can find it somewhere. Many people have report in other Pro League topic their waves and layout don’t match with FTB video. So who to believe? player who play the Pro League or a Developer who can manipulate the game and show what he want to show? Good Question?

?? its very fun to see this.

i think WR you need to trust only for your brother??




Good luck one more time???

Ahahhahaha @FTB 

Its best show to me to see how are guys are hate this game, devs, feel this game is not homest, justice and etc.

but? They are still play this game???

its awesome

in Russia we have the sentence

“Мышь давилась,но продолжала есть кактус”

Its about this situation. 

NEVER NEVER NEVER spent time for everything you dnt like. Its my little advice for you and for your brother?

I see what you try to do. Don’t work.Sorry. You can try all you want. Don’t work. Good Luck

 No no, i will not try anymore to help you with advices.

i think you can discuss here how are flotha( who did all his video only for fun, its not his job) was cruel and unhonest.

you will get yoir goal very soon- it will be no video for players. For me- it will be good. For many- will be sad and they will know whom they will  need to say Thank you



I don’t talk about that. i talk I see what you try to do since many month mayb the others don’t have see it but I see it and that don’t gonna work. You try to make the others lose their temper and nerve by acting worst like this. Like you did each day and each weeks during month and expect one day people will lose their nerves and insult you and got warnings and maybe be banned on the forum after many warnings. More there is people will be banned and more cromka will be able to do what he want,etc…

Anyway you can try with all the others. That don’t work with me. I prefer ignoring you from now. Good luck!!! Your game don’t worth it.

Someone was banned ? Surprize))