Speed gear

Hey how can I get speed gear i haven’t any speed gear and flare doesn’t give it in rny chats and also doesn’t start any events for speed. Than how can I get it…

can any one suggest me bcuz as per my lvl mini. 70% speed is need my hero LVL is 108 lvl so it’s requirements for me plz help me…

Lvl 108 , may be u missed most of the events who gave speed gear ,how u can miss it so many times they came.

Not only speed , every items once we all had a chance to buy

Also in pro league 

Soo try to earn uber chest from wars, ninja events, and now wait for pro items 

May be u lucky , u will get soon.

Once , i also soo desperate to earned it , 

But after long time a event came where i got the shark sword speed gear

Then afterwards i got soo many.

I also need that sward 

Face it flare aint given us anything anymore. The festivals were the main source of these gear. Feel bad for newbies coming into the game.