Speed Reward Bonus

I was attacking in the dungeons and an idea came to my head. I think that instead of having medal bonus perks, or even just as another kind of medal bonus in the game, we could have a speed bonus after a victory (ONLY after a victory)! In case you still don’t understand, let me explain. Let’s say you attack and finish with less than 20 seconds remaining. In this instance you will get no speed bonus, however, if you finish an attack with 20-29 seconds remaining, you get an extra 15 medals, and if you finish with 30-39 seconds, 20 extra, and so on and so forth. I think this would add a little more fun to having speed perks on items!

Its a bad idea because it can be exploited in a very bad way.

It’d be great if you could expand on that rather than just say it’s bad

You can simply attack a below 500 trophy guy and beat him in a couple seconds. That’s why it’s bad

I agree with Domikick - everbody will switch to COF-Farming then.