Speeding up upgrades via watching a video

I really really love this game I enjoy the combat mode and that you get to build your kingdom up as well! However, the game gives you the choice to speed up some upgrades by watching a video, I’ve done this a few times and pretty much every time this doesn’t work. I go back on after watching the video and the time hasn’t sped up at all? This is the only improvement I would give the game! 

Hi, what device u play on? If it’s windows then welcome in the club of worst off players … lol

Its a long time the video for reduce time don’t work. Its a bug we have report long ago but no fix and Flare don’t care anymore about all the bugs in the game. So welcome in the club of the ignored customer who must accept a buggy version of a game. I have try them many time now and nothing. You waste 30 seconds for nothing. The main reason RR2 is dead too much bugs and problems

I don’t know if anyone noticed the same but…

If I play on PC, usually videos work 100% of the time.

On the other hand, if I play on smartphone, videos usually “may” not work if my wireless connection is bad (either because of the net itself or of my location).

I always thought that was the root cause of it.

Care to share your opinions guys?

It is hit or miss for me on windows 10 desktop HP.

For me videos usually work fine but sometimes they won’t register as watched and I need to watch another (when it still tells me to watch a vid after two vids, I get rude). This mostly happens for chests, upgrade videos seem too count but they often take so damn long to register, I just move on and forget.