spell package?(discussion)

If I get the spell package will it effect my current upgrade? Will it complete, or worse tell me I can’t get them untill I finish upgrade.


I feel like I’m getting tied down to the heal spell. I’m already tied down to sonic BOOM! Which I don’t mind, who doesn’t like blowing shi…stuff up. Then when you come across high level bases all with high level blockades, Bladestorm is a MUST.


So as the game progresses it’s even less versatile than before. At least in the mid-game you can use all the spells and variations, but now. No chance, unless you’ve got ~20k health which only a few have.




Immediate upgrade if you got it from package and you can have variation of spells/troops with 10k HP provided you’ve mastered the way to use them correctly with the timing and the best combo for choke point and everything.Swordrain against monster heavy base ahead of heal , seen a lot of shield/stun around 3300-3500 too even hammerstrike is making a comeback and of course firestorm.You can have variation if you upgraded them high enough.Of course some combo won’t be effective against certain base/higher level base but thats the point of having the best spells , to counter the best base.

Cheers, just got it. Not sure if it was a good idea but ay. Guess those workers are going to have to wait.

Turns out it was quite a bad decision on my part.


Anyone thinking about this be prepared. Because I can now put more damage output through spells I’ve instantly get offered 100 less medals than I was getting before(10 minutes before purchase). The game thinks I’m stronger than I am but my troops are not good enough to compete with the bases around me and my hero is clearly not strong enough.


Will have to wait a week or 2 to upgrade other things to see the benefits, when I could have upgraded normally within that time. BAD BAD decision. As a free player it was a lot of gems to me.


Anyone tempted proceed with caution.

It just means that you have to climb up the leaderboard a bit more , you’ll start to lose at some point and drop back a bit again and then the medals will be normal from your fav list and matchmaking :slight_smile: