(Spell) Pulse

This spell does no damage, but for each pulse, it pushes back troops, projectiles, and even beasts. This simple spell can give you some personal space in a pinch! This doesn’t work on Snake towers, Gargoyle towers, Lightning Towers, Electrical Attacks, Dragons, Frost Towers, Basilisk Towers, barricades, blockades, traps, Vikings, and anything that the Viking happens to have his shield in front of (head to head, the viking will block the pulse for the troops behind it, but not when the shield is pointing towards the side.). At level 1, the spell pulses once. For each level, 1 extra pulse is added. Either way, there is a 1 second delay between each pulse.

The spell u describe seems pretty lame…HOWEVER…if with the pulse it reflects back to the enemy towers and units the damage they do to your hero OR (even better) to the friendly units that are within a certain area around your hero then it d be interesting.

The fact that it pushes beast seem kind of op, but the rest of the spell is kind of a stun spell where you don’t take damage for a little moment

What interest we will have to have this? If you want something like this use Irmgard. Irmgard use a push special attack. Also if you want this so much you can use Viking. Viking have the same special attack than irmgard. If you want to enjoy this why not use Viking + Irmgard. Have fun

Irmgard himself is too much OP if you have it at level 30. Soloing base is too much easy. If you have Vikings and use both. No base can resist you. If you add a spell like Pulse not only you will make this game more than broken but totally dead.  There is already no challenge at all level 1-90

Offense is already too much OP in all level. Add Pulse will make it more worst. Just with pal you can already beat any base

Someone who can have Irmguard + Vikings + Pulse + Sultan or Gaspar is already OP.

Thanks for the suggestion but no thanks. Flare need time already before add something else to fix all the mess they did recently. too much broken stuffs right now. flare need to fix offense/defense before add anything to be honest.

We all hope one day to see a new spell or a new unit,etc… but not right now. Not before Flare find a way to balance the game again like before 3.0. Pals + Guardians is already too much. 

I have no clue how they wil fix this but they must do it for version 5.0