Spell tagging question

Technically a question, but it’s about spells so ill put it here


I was just reading the RR wiki, and came across something that caught my eye. Do duration spells such as firestorm, bladestorm, and sonic blast only require one touch for a unit/building to feel the full effect?


Like, if I start a sonic blast near a unit and run past out of range, will it still take the full damage for the duration of the spell? Same with the other two spells.


Im lvl 72 and I feel like I should have figured this out by now

You can test this effect on your own base - still place an strong tower and test it one time with touch and run away, and other test run with stand next to tower.

In my experience this touch-effect makes damage as long as main spell is aktive. Will you touch a tower 1 second before spell ends it will not make as much as damage with more duration seconds.

No, its a one touch only. The spell deploys all of its damage for the whole time remaining. Different for Heal, it just works while in range.

This. AFAIK, touching once is enough. Also, check out some youtube videos of FloThaBoss or Sn1kt, same is suggested there.

So, yes, running along a row of 3 hostile towers is a lot more efficient than just staying next to the first one. Same for bladestorm with blockades.

It depends on the spell… firestorm must stay in range… I never bothered to test sonic blast or bladestorm…

Thanks for the info guys. I saw the videos that mentioned ‘tagging’ towers, that is kinda what sparked the question. Originally did not get that the spells actually do full damage with a ‘tagging.’ Kinda feel like I should have known this like 50 lvls ago tho…

Wow…So many things about this game now make sense to me… my current loosing streak one of them



Really? Hmm… haven’t used firestorm since quite a while.

Might (if true) the difference be related to the “nature” of fire damage dealing additional damage over time (DOT)? What I could imagine is that the DOT duration of the burning effect itself might work differently from the DOT from the base damage value the spell emits regardless of the burning effect.

In my opinion an important point is to say that the damage from one damage spell will end at begin from another damage spell.

When I cast sonic blast and direct after this activation I’ll cast bladestorm, only the damage from bladestorm will make damage. A combination with heal and damage spell works fine. This topic was opened in extra topic in past, too.


Can anyone confirm this? I was under the impression that they stacked?

I can confirm this. :wink:

Edit: I test it again next to my poison tower. Strange - now it works fine and strongest spell will make the most damage. Still 2 spells will not add power to one ultraspell. Maybe it was the whole time a mistake in more than 100 raids by me. O.o

Sorry for interrupt with wrong information.


That’s what I thought… but what about the original question?



Does anybody know? I’m pretty sure it will not take full damage; it does not in RR1 and I know for some spells it does not in RR2

This was answered previously. Here is the summary:

  1. Spells do stack

  2. Damage spells deploy the full remaining damage even if the target is just touch once

No they do not. If I stand next to fb tower it dies faster than if i walk away.

because you hit it…


You can’t hit FIRE BOLT tower. I believe it should not matter if you stay or go but If MisterE so strongly believes otherwise, may be others can pitch in.

good point, didn’t read fully. I’m just too convinced that it doesn’t matter…

I believe so strongly otherwise because I have bad memories of losing many battles because of this, back when I was in the 2300-2900 trophy range… I remember really, really wishing firestorm lasted 5 seconds instead of three so that I could finish off those three firebolt cannons contentedly picking off my cannons…

Just tested a bladestom on a firebolt tower.

  1. Cast spell next to tower and immediately run away.

  2. Cast spell next to tower and stay there, standing still next to the tower for the whole spell duration.

Results were equivalent, both took away the exact same amounts of health from the tower as far as I can judge that by looking at the health bar after the end of the spell duration.