Spells and Troops

I was thinking can we have the ability to upgrade more than 1 spell and more than 1 troop at a time because it’s bad enough to actually wait days or an entire week for just 1 troop or 1 spell to upgrade ,I mean if we can afford to do a couple of upgrades at once why not let us ,not when it comes to towers cause i understand we need to use gems to get more workers

maybe by the amount of workers we have that’s the amount of spells and troops we can upgrade at once ? i’m just asking and throwing some ideas out there ,because i can’t stand spending so much gold to find someone with enough gold to steal, getting the amount i want but  some upgrades aren’t complete yet when i find the time to go see if they are done most of my gold is already gone

So please make it possible

Yep, I agree. I upgraded my Sonic Blast to level 4 and it was fucking long (about 3 days). Flare should make us can upgrade up to 3 spells and 3 troops at the same time. It will be way faster to speed up the progress

No… If you let 3 troops or spells to be upgraded at the same time now, it’ll be really unfair to the high level players who spent months to upgrade them. The current system is good and it should remain like that.

You think that’s long? lol max level takes 11 days…

I know lol