Spend crystals to refresh pro shop

If flare is reluctant to do extra work thinking which item to be placed in shop, why not just incorporate a refresh button to randomly change what’s in the shop.


The button can cost… Maybe… Say… 500 crystals per refresh.

I don’t know…i prefer they refresh the shop weekly randomly and free than spending crystals.

I think maybe the shop isn’t refreshed so often so the players that only play once a month, or players that don’t rank very well have a chance to buy items they are interested in.


I think it refreshes very rarely simply because there really isnt that many different pro items total 

Well, there is the Appolon-, the Ares- and the Omega-Gear. At least they should swap between these three.

Hmmm i got all the pro gear, both pro pals what to do with my 60k crystals 

Either send them to me or buy chests and get rich on Pet Food and Pearls. :stuck_out_tongue: