Spend gems = Win League

That wouldn’t be fair either, there are way to many people hiding in lower trophy range that should be in the 4k + range


Yes that would definitely be another problem. Many players that are in need of Gems can easily strip a couple of their own trophies to get down to lower leagues and win the gems they need to upgrade very easily. Indeed even now will see many high level bases and kings, hiding in low trophy ranges.

I guess flair finally did something useful towards making you want to be in the top100. 25% boost definitely helped me to win 5 out of last 7 diamond leagues. I do use tapjoy, but mostly to get enough gold for an upgrade.


Currently I have 43.000 medals or so. The second place has 24.000…But there are some hours left until league ends…Last league I also won with around 50k medals.


And you guys need to improve your farms, that way you can handle the high cost of food per attack without needing videos. I have 3 farms at level 13 and the other one is at level 12. I’m winning this league using only 3 farms, the 4th is upgrading.

problem and what all everybody say really professional, I’m a top player maybe I should replace my position for the you   :unsure:__ 

I’m winning league with 5 videos per day?

I couldn’t agree more…


Maybe google translate doesn’t work well with Vietnamese -_-

maybe u can translate back to vietnamese using google translate and ask vietnamese the meaning? lol


Could work  :wink:

shyong, I just attacked you and almost died when I got trapped between 2 ogres at a snake tower corner lol Luckily I managed to survive  

 nice job on 100%. I haven’t tried to attack my base using froster, i guess froster somehow works better than pyro here. Yet i am not able to duplicate your combo to win myself haha 

somehow that troop selection is a tough choice since u will hv to kill my ogre and ablaster by hero himself. 

This sounds like part of a prison story :open_mouth:


sometimes works fine, others is a complete disaster…I’m trying to use ablaster on offense but I keep struggling

How much leadership does your king have


 That depends what gear I use. Currently 11k, I’m using everything to boost leadearship

i’m focusing on king’s damage though.