Spend gems = Win League

I’m winning league with 5 videos per day?

I couldn’t agree more…


Maybe google translate doesn’t work well with Vietnamese -_-

maybe u can translate back to vietnamese using google translate and ask vietnamese the meaning? lol


Could work  :wink:

shyong, I just attacked you and almost died when I got trapped between 2 ogres at a snake tower corner lol Luckily I managed to survive  

 nice job on 100%. I haven’t tried to attack my base using froster, i guess froster somehow works better than pyro here. Yet i am not able to duplicate your combo to win myself haha 

somehow that troop selection is a tough choice since u will hv to kill my ogre and ablaster by hero himself. 

This sounds like part of a prison story :open_mouth:


sometimes works fine, others is a complete disaster…I’m trying to use ablaster on offense but I keep struggling

How much leadership does your king have


 That depends what gear I use. Currently 11k, I’m using everything to boost leadearship

i’m focusing on king’s damage though.

Normally you use all leadership?


Yes, normally all except boots, although sometimes I change the crown as well

Bloody hell!!! That’s a lot of medals, without videos I usually win with 25K or so. Only got 1 farm at level 13 though.


How many medals do you get for shyong? I assume you also get a 25% boost.





With bonus I get something between 750…800 medals from him. But there are other targets that give more medals, around 950 (bonus included)

Farms level 13 make huge difference.