Spend gems = Win League

I can not swallow the fact that people use the gems to refill the silo and win the league surpassing all, so as to get enough medals to be the first. I think, instead, that the league should be the place where one pulls out his strength / grit to beat opponents and win correctly without the use of gems to surpass who is in front of him only to be always the first. 

I’ve seen people reach high medals in a few minutes as soon as the league started, so as to win the first place, not to mention the fact of the gems used.

Because only who can afford many gems, can do it… but there are other people who don’t want to spend because they use them for other right reasons.

And there are also who likes to tease the usual person just to make him/her lose all the time.


I do not want to complain for this, but it doesn’t seem fair to the other players.





League was fun, I got #1 when I was in platinum league, and #2-3 in diamond league, that was before tapjoy.  I fought day and night just for the ranking and I didn’t buy much food to win the league. Again, the purpose of this game is you to spend/buy the gems, I totally okay with it after 8months of playing.


But league doesn’t generate gems quick enough for me, that’s why I am at Gold League most of the time at rank 300.

For Diamond League, you only get 375 gems after fighting like shit for 24hrs, come on, you can’t even buy 3million gold with that. The high level players are not happy with that.

Lol. So far is fair :slight_smile:

Kinda the same thing here. As a windows phone user - I have to spend a lot of gems to get the first place. I fight my best, usually ending up at the second place. Once got the first place but only by spending 100+ gems on food and even then I was close to ending up second again.

I have to use all that stuff about planing building times properly to refil the silo and use food as soon as I get it, getting exactly the 2 or 3 million gold as needed with the food I possess and… get as many medals as possible. But it’s never enough, always one or two guys will rocket jump by 6k+ medals and I can do nothing while not buying food. So it seems a little bit unfair in diamond league. Meanwhile I noticed that in platinum people don’t invest so much and I can win pretty easilly, but it is annoying that I have to wait 3 days to lose diamond league to get back to platinum again.


So I really hope that developers can come up with something for windows phone users to make it easier. Because I didn’t notice more gold as I leveled up and when my upgrades will start to cost ~6-7 millions I guess i’ll have to quit simply because there are no conventional ways to get stuff (aka watching videos, tapjoy)


This is not a scream for help, I demand one million billion coins!

buy an android phone, it is cheap

For Windows users I’m telling you its not that hard to win diamond league if you get your planning correct.I’ve been winning easily , the most I’ve spent on food per league is 55 gems nothing more just to open up a big gap between me and 2nd place.

I could play on phone but the screen is small and i cannot see anything, however you can win 3 crowns every time when you beat someone, but if him or her use gems to speed up you cannot do anything if you want to save your gems…

Just console yourself with the fact that if they refill more than 4-5 times it becomes quite stupid in economic terms :grinning:

I’m winning the 8th diamond league in a row without using a single tapjoy video or buying food with gems. Although, if there is no tapjoy it will be an easier task, cause I’m sure my opponents are using those videos.

one day at max i have 5 free video for free food, but i still can make huge medal. Because i fight those who offer me 500,600 medal above, and i choose from match making which further boost the medal by 25%.


I don’t need to buy food with gem to win  a league . You just have to choose the right league to fight. If your competitor are too strong, gv up for first place and aim for 2nd or 3rd. 

How many medals are you winning your league with? What is the average amount of medals you get each raid? congrats on  8 in a row anyways.

Like Shyong stated , pick the right base with lots of medals.I’ve won 12 from last 15 diamond league attacking 300 medals base before medal buff then 500 medals or more after buff with 5%-10% boost.



Suppose they did do what you say and instead of medals dictating our rank in the leagues we had to fight our way up, Royal Revolt would need to remodel the matching system, it would not be fair for lower level players to have to battle higher lever players to rank up in the league so Royal Revolt would have to make many leagues that contain players within their own level so that every battle would be an equal fight.

yes i think the staff should create various league for every amount of trophies that one gets example:from 0 to 1000 a type of tournament, from 1000 to 1500 another and so on.

That wouldn’t be fair either, there are way to many people hiding in lower trophy range that should be in the 4k + range


Yes that would definitely be another problem. Many players that are in need of Gems can easily strip a couple of their own trophies to get down to lower leagues and win the gems they need to upgrade very easily. Indeed even now will see many high level bases and kings, hiding in low trophy ranges.

I guess flair finally did something useful towards making you want to be in the top100. 25% boost definitely helped me to win 5 out of last 7 diamond leagues. I do use tapjoy, but mostly to get enough gold for an upgrade.


Currently I have 43.000 medals or so. The second place has 24.000…But there are some hours left until league ends…Last league I also won with around 50k medals.


And you guys need to improve your farms, that way you can handle the high cost of food per attack without needing videos. I have 3 farms at level 13 and the other one is at level 12. I’m winning this league using only 3 farms, the 4th is upgrading.

problem and what all everybody say really professional, I’m a top player maybe I should replace my position for the you   :unsure:__ 

I’m winning league with 5 videos per day?