Spending player ooking for Alliance

Started the game yesterday and is really into it now. Looking for a friendly guild with chat and willing to help a new player out.

My trophies might be a little on the low side for now but i hope the larger alliances will give me a chance.



hi you more then welcome in red squadron, we have a lot of different players who donating and keep the blessings acive, its gonna boost you a lot, i will send you an invite.


hit me up on line , id is squills


Hi there I am the general of Blue Line ranked 9-11 depending on the day. We have two open spots, only catch is we are gem spenders and require donations to be part of the alliance. Fair part is that everyone on the alliance does it and they donate the same amount so its fair. No one carries us we work as a group and have active Line chat.


Line id cmilliorn if interested