Spice up the Odysses by using Zeus and Hades as Gate Keepers

I’m sure that others, like me, have become a little bored with the Odyssey missions. They are too predictable as they use the same layouts and the same Gate Keepers. So since the defenses are not regular users, but rather computer generated heroes and defenses, I’d like to suggest that flaregames use executive privilege and incorporate Zeus and Hades as Gate Keepers. Perhaps one out of the five islands would use either Zeus or Hades. Or maybe even introduce a new hero that would only be used in Odysseys. You could even hold a contest for players to suggest what God or demi-god should be used. So c’mon all you flarezies. It’s time to add some spice to the Odysseys.

Your idea is interesting, but I think that this is where we disagree.

I am not saying that I know how Odyssey defenses are coded, but this is how I’d do it, and I bet that it’s not far from the reality:

  • Pick a player who’s matched with you, i.e. you can find him on your islands.
  • Scale the Odyssey’s enhancements and masteries. E.g. If the player has 20K fames and you are fighting an Odyssey difficulty which has 40K fames, then just double all enhancements and masteries. The player’s layout, troop waves and GK’s items stay the same.

So no, in my eyes they are not computer generated heroes and defenses, especially the hero part. If you meet Philstar or Bizantius in a 1-skull adventure, good luck beating the GK if you are not using one of your stronger heroes.

Last week both @NaN and I had @Valkrysseur in our Odyssey. NaN had him with Heracles in 12-skull, while I had him with Helen in 8-skull (yeah NaN is riche and I am poor). I had to abandon the GK and go for the gate since my Helen wasn’t strong enough. Luckily, I knew that it’s Valkrysseur’s base picked for that Odyssey island, so I didn’t just press the AP button and walked away (I am lv145 and he was lv128 last week, but his GK is very strong for his level).

So where were we at? Let people choose Zeus and Hades as GK, then we will see them in Odyssey :grin:!


If you do a name search of any of the names used in the Odysseys you will not find them. For example, one of the names of the hero I have to fight in the odyssey I’m doing right now is Aphousia. If you search that name you will get the message “player not found”. If you search Valkrysseur though, you will see his profile. This is why I say they are computer generated and not actual players. And I think you are mistaken if you think you came across Valkrysseur in the Odyssey.
Since you cannot equip Zeus or Hades, the only way they can be used as GK’s would be if flaregames coded it as such. Which I don’t think would be all that hard.

So just because the system replaces the NAME of the player by one of the fives names of the islands in Odyssey, then it’s “computer generated HEROES and DEFENSES”?

Thank you for showing me how to look for a player’s name in-game. I have nothing to add to the discussion so I’d leave it here.

Hummm maybe you should read more carrefully about what said marinien:
The layout are copies of real players. When you see exact same tower positionning, player level and GK strength then the one you have in odysee (despite different name), you can t say that the layout was computer generated… The layout is copied and the name is computer generated (well, it is more a short list of odysee islands name and they pick from that list… you will notice you often get the same odysee islands name, despite very different layout).

There is not an infinite number of defense layouts. And a good number can be ignored due to logic telling us they would be ineffective. So it follows that the flare team would use some basic layouts for their islands defenses. That’s a no brainer. So there will be some similarities and possibly exact copies of a layout. And the name that flaregames gives may be similar to the name of the person that it is copied from so that they get some recognition. But the GK is separate and apart from the layout. Flaregames, therefore, could easily substitute whatever GK they are presently using for either Zeus or Hades. The fact that the same name is used for islands that have very different layouts actually proves my point. If the name remains the same and the layout changes, it means the layout is generated by the computer. The computer simply has a pool of set designs/layouts for defenses that it draws from. So whatever the system is that flaregames uses, my point is that substituting Zeus and Hades as a GK on a few islands will spice up the Odysseys.

just a remark to the layouts. idk if the system also uses generated layouts or not. but it definitely uses layouts from players. in the very beginning of the odyssey they even had a bug that showed coresponding names.

to the suggestion of zeus/hades as a GK: how should theirs main powers work? hades has no units to sacrifice and zeus cant slow down players. at least i dont think that it would be that easy to implement, and i also dont think it would spice up odyssey as they dont wear super forged gear. just my opinion, thx for the idea and suggesting :+1:

When odyssey was first introduced they told us that the odyssey islands copy actual player defenses.

I am having @Valkrysseur atleast twice everyday on my map. This is not good for a low lvl player to appear on map of high lvl player, where players with high trophies appear very rarely on my map and i belive they appear rarely on anybody’s map.
This is creating imbalance in this game as well.

I am rank 192 in terms of trophies but i see very very rarely players who higher than me in trophies on my map.

They shoukd introduce a system where a group of 200 or 500 players get each other on map. Then this will get balanced and fun as well.