Spolied Wikia of Royal Revolt 2

Guys, I felt shame for what people are doing… You can see, the arblaster page of the Royal Revolt 2 Wikia: https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/Arblaster
Shame on the person who did this…


Thank You for your quick notice… It has been fixed… If you find any more such unwanted stuffs written anywhere, do inform…

@ShadowsGuardian @Madlen something should be done about this… Not everyone should be allowed to edit the wiki page… Maybe put a suggestion box option somewhere so that players can notify about changes or wrong infos… Only specialised players should be given to edit wiki pages… Or, is it that fandom is fans created page, so anyone can edit it???

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Thanks for warning us about that @KingAdityaKumar and thank you for quickly fixing it @GrimScythe2001. Great job guys :muscle:

I’ve already faced this problem before, where some jerks like to vandalize Wikia Articles.

One option that was on the table which I can do, is to force everyone who wants to edit, or comment any article to log in first.

Let me reforce this: everyone without an account would still be able to read articles, this would just remove edit/comment permissions, but…

The Wikia works on the premise that everyone can contribute to it, so I was afraid that less people would frequent it if I turned that option ON.

Also, I currently get an e-mail when someone edits anywhere on the Wikia and check it on a daily basis, so it’s usually fixed on max 24hours.

Since it gets fixed fast, I haven’t taken “stronger” measures yet.

Either way, feel free to give me your opinions on this subject :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: I forgot to say the obvious but here it goes:

If you have positive content to add to the Wikia, either in the form of comments or additions/updates to articles, please do so! You’re more than welcome! If not… Please refrain from Vandalizing articles or using offensive language.

Thank you! :wink:


Thanks for fixing this Shadows!
@KingAdityaKumar Please note that the Royal Revolt 2 Wikia is not officially related to Royal Revolt 2 or Flaregames.
@ShadowsGuardian is the responsible go-to person for all things Wikia. :slight_smile: We do very much appreciate his hard work on the Wikia though! :rr2advisornod: