Sprinkle feedback (Royal Guardians)

Leave your feedback about balancing/gameplay for this majestic creature here :unicorn:


pearls or croquettes?

Pal Treats :slight_smile:

what does it mean?

No pearls. :slight_smile:

it needs a skin right now! lol

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yesโ€ฆ :joy::joy::joy: a new skin for our sprinkle pleaseโ€ฆ :rr2sprinkle::rr2sprinkle::rr2sprinkle:

Can we have runes for gardians and pals?

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I am being offered Sprinkles. What is this, is it rare, legendary?
Itโ€™s not Pro. And I have Eris. A pretty great pal already.
Does Sprinkles help to find hidden objects? That would be my guess.
I canโ€™t buy something for fifty dollars with no idea what it is.
But I like new stuff, and I play this game quite a bit.

Sprinkle is a Guardian while Eris is Pal. Other Guardians are Donkey, Trusty and so on.
You can have Sprinkle AND Eris at the same Time. :wink:

Sprinkle has the Ability to heal you and your Troops and confuse Enemy-Troops.


You can find out more about Sprinkle in this video and guide (unfold the article with the arrow):

It is mainly a healer :slight_smile:

How well does sprinkle do against Towers, Barricades and mainly, beastsโ€ฆ?

I find it odd that Sprinkle hasnโ€™t arrived for anyone that I know through a chest, yet today a few of my alliance members have received a One Time Offer that included Sprinkle in it. Hereโ€™s the differenceโ€ฆa couple received that offer for only approximately $5 (depending on the countryโ€™s currency), yet others it was $25-$50 (mine was $25). If Sprinkle is supposed to be available through chests, then it should be readily available, as is donkey, trusty, etc, or the cost of the One Time Offer should be the same for everyone that it is offered to. Fair is fair. These offers have become so odd and random that even who they are offered to lately is unpredictable. Last weekโ€™s offer guardian was different for everyone in my alliance as some received Gaspar, some received Nemesis, and some didnโ€™t even receive an offer.

I found it in a normal guardian chest. Offer I also got, not interested in that pal.

Just curiousโ€ฆ

Did Flare recently hire someone from King entertainment?


Iโ€™ll keep looking, of course, but just putting it out there.

dont get too anxiousโ€ฆ I just got gaspar lol

I actually think after the intro buy period they should just be in proshop so when the luck get demented you can get it there and enjoy the facets of the game in the same year as everyone else.

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lol I know right?


I got Sprinkles the day it came out.
To be 100% honest, when I look at itโ€™s face, I donโ€™t think itโ€™s cute๐Ÿ˜ฑ
But otherwise, itโ€™s balanced.