Srange things in the gold system loot

Hi everybody, today it happened a strange things, i put my base open to help some lowbies of my alliance, so with full treasure chamber i left the alliance and logged off.

After about an hour i logged in and i could see i received about 10 attacks, 9 from my friends and 1 from somebody else; the strange thing is: all my 9 friends, who attacked my first, stole me 0 gold, but the other guy, who attacked me last, stole me 600k.

So what i’m asking is: it could be that all my friends stole me 0 gold cause i was in the same alliance recently? this is the only thing i can think…

Best regards

Man, that means Flare listened to our complaints, and slowly fixed things in the background!

It wasn’t like that before, but it’s an anti cheat system… Also the same thing should happen for TS…

Well i don’t think help lower alliance members is cheating…cheating in my opinion is a different and horrible thing…

This is totally within the current game mechanics, no alliance membership involved.

I describe the situation and how it could have worked out (which doesn’t mean it was exactly like that):

  1. Not too long before you left your alliance you were attacked by other players, that took gold from you chamber.
    This need not be one attack with 600k robbed, could also be 2 times 300k. After these attack(s) your treasure
    chamber is protected for some time. The available loot for attackers fills up over time.
  2. Your teammates attacked you lets say within 10 minutes after you logged off. They only get game generated
    gold, not from your chamber. This can be 500k+ gold, if they are low enough!
  3. After 50 minutes of not being attacked, the lootable gold from your chamber has (slowly) risen to 600k.
  4. The first attacker after this rising of lootable gold gets 600k from your chamber/taverns.

Next time: do the same after not being attacked for some hours. Then at least the first of your teammates gets gold
from your chamber. If you have really a lot (10m+), the first 2 or even 3 attacks will give them gold from your chamber.

hmmm…yes, it could be!

Unfortunately i don’t remind if i was attacked, but i think i stayed online for about an hour before opened my base…

well thanks for the explanation, next time i will try as you told me :grinning: