ST. KENSINGTON Looking for Active Members

ST. KENSINGTON Looking for Active Members

When I first joined this alliance, it had few members and it was stagnant at alliance rank 350 to 400. Now, we finally cracked the Top 150 and are having core and loyal players. Hence, the alliance requirements need to change. 

The alliance previously had 6 active blessings.  NOW, we have  10**  divine blessings , each at least ACTIVE FOR 1 WEEK AND NEVER EXPIRING . These blessings are: Spearmen,  **Warriors, Archers, Minotaurs, Cyclops, Griffin, Artemis Tower, Poseidon Tower, Apollo Towers and Barricade. The Phalanx Wall, Charon & Siren  war blessings are also  always extended until its maximum duration  whenever available.


  1. COMMUNICATE.  Each member must learn to speak up and answer questions if need be. Joining the LINE group is a necessity. 

  2. MINIMUM LEVEL is ascension level 80.

  3. Minimum daily gold donation of 100,000 (or donation through gems if lower than 100k daily gold donation).  Players must donate daily as we currently have those 10 active blessings which we really don’t want to expire.

  4. Trophy count is not important but members must have a decent defense (no scattered tower & barricades and such).

  5. We kick players who do not follow the orders during war and those who do not participate during war.

NOTE: 3 heroes for war may be a requirement in the foreseeable future. So if you’re not willing to spend your gems to upgrade your prestige, do not bother joining.

3 spots available

Just checked your alliance, the founder is inactive…


Founders’ status is not important, this is an old role which is discontinued at the moment. So treat it as a historical monument and nothing more. As long as their general or any kind of officer in charge is active, they have access to all the tools needed to run the alliance.

He just logged in a couple of hours ago, busy life. But Infamous is right, us three officers and generals are very active.

@Yaran, send a request if you want to, we have 6 blessings going for at least 22 days.

One more active member wanted.

Note: We kick those who do not participate in war.

Currently full at the moment.

2 spots vacant. Minimum level 50. Minimum donation 50,000. 7 active blessings 24/7. Must donate gold daily.

Currently full.

2 spots available.

One spot available.

One spot available.

Currently full.

we you have empty space send me a message 

What is your in game name?

@AliM, I need your in game name so that I can invite you.

Gondlir . But dont invite me now i need 3 to 4 days to finsh the war and upgrade the house of donations to reach 50k gold . I will contact you to invite me in 4 days

Sure, IF after 4 days we have a spot open I will invite you.