Stability Update 3.8.1 - 15 January 2018

Greetings Kings & Queens,

A stability update (v3.8.1) can now be downloaded from the stores. Note that players won’t be automatically updated to this version, thus you must download the update manually from the stores to get the changes listed below:

Fixed the random crashes in battle some players have been experiencing

Fixed the crash when upgrading the Monk / Necromancer some players have been experiencing

Fixed the broken Hero Item Models for “Shining Light” and “Eternal Night” on Android

Fixed the Pearl Upgrade progression for the Bomb Kicking Aura

Fixed the bug that caused Hero Items to vanish when melting them down while the Blacksmith Building is being upgraded

Various fixes and improvements around the display of stats:

  Irmgard now shows “Heal” stat

  Eris now shows “Stun”

  Fixed the display of combined Luck Perk values

  Corrected Offense Beast Stats


Your Royal Revolt 2 team