Stacking Pro Bonus

Can I stack the Pro Bonus Gold Boost 24% with an item Gold Boost 21% to get an overall Gold Boost of 45%?

This is how the system works.


See I have 6 gold perked items. I don’t have gold perked items for helmet, cape and boot. So I swapped them with some pro gears having some good perks in it.


In the adventure secition you will see a gold boost which a result of a total of gold perks from items + gold bonus from Kaiser. ( 164.5% )

In pro bonus section you are seeing 15% gold boost. We all know a pro item or a pal is taken as 1 pro bonus. Single pro bonus results in 3% of gold bonus. As you can see I have 5 pro items resulting to 15% gold bonus.

You can see in first picture the armor and the pauldron are pro items having gold perks. Means they will give two types of bonus every time.

Here if I raid anyone I will get a gold bonus of 146.5% + 15% = 161.5% everytime.

So yes the Pro gold bonus and item n pal gold bonus is stackable :slight_smile: