Staff, please, higher break

Please, admins, make a gathering with the devs and discuss about a higher break between war seasons. It’s being very frenetic, specially for most of my members, who work. Consider that.

… or do 3 day wars, four off. Max fiefs gained 3 as has been stated by the FG rules, Friday, Saturday, Sunday would be fantastic.

Nah, current break is good compared to original format

Awesome idea.

Maybe u dont work all day long to say that. It’s insane, there’s no time to farm.

Disagreed. I dont want to fighy all important battles in the weekends. The way it is right now is good enough. 5 days war, 5/6 days off, a nice variety of days on what day wars are fought and a decent time off. Especially if you are in over your head a longer break will feel like forever.

I do agree that there is hardly anytime to upgrade. I would like an extra day between wars

I disagree with this post. I agree with Nami and Vester, the current system is ok. And before you say something: I’m a full time student in my university and I still have some time to play and I like the current times for war.

All we have some time to play, that’s why we’re here. The time for the game is almost all for wars, since we work all day long. Please, FG, give us some more time.

No I actually work in a 4 star hotel, a busy one for sure but 10 raids is 30mins or so, lots of time to play after work or during work.

I still disagree. I see no reason for a longer break  :huh:

Maybe include paid vacations, and medical benifits! Is that 2 much to ask?

Longer beaks would allow lower level players to make upgrades. you can not ask someone with low farm and silo levels to fight 10 fight on every front, because due to food shortage he will not be able to do so, especially if the benefit for the alliance would be to have his base improoved.

For those who prefer wars, like myself, these short breaks are great. You can constantly do some smaller upgrades and be ready for a new challange agains a new alliance.


But sometimes its not 10 raids, its 40 if you have 4 fronts, that’s when it can get difficult for some to fit it in, multiply that by five days and add the waiting for food into the equation and then it can take a lot of time out of a day.


I do agree though the current format is better than the previous one.

Agreed that 40 is a lot, its over 2 hours of raiding just in wars. Do you have an idea how you would make it better?

Only as I suggested previously by making the wars 3 days rather than the 5, I’d guess there will be less fronts and also it only lasts the three days rather than the 5, 4 days off in between each week every week.

Agreed. I can give an exemple for my own war. All these 3 days of war, our ally is engaged in 4 fronts. It’s insane, we are playing only for war…

But less days will mean less chances of chests and lets face it you get son decent things if you stack all the chests and open them all at once. Don’t mind war length just dislike the shortness in between. Barricades alone take 3+ days buildings the same or more

Im bored when not on wars

Sometimes i want the break 3 4 days


The solution is simple: give us the choice to go or not to war. Because most of the guys who dont want higher breake, are teens and have free time.