Stage boss for the ninja event

Hi all :slight_smile: I love RR2 and the ninja event …BUT… after playing the ninja event 2-3 times I have to admit that it s starting to feel (kind of) repetitive :frowning: dont get me wrong, all 30 stages and event map are beautifully designed…HOWEVER… it s obvious that there is SERIOUSLY something missing :frowning: FG needs to spice up with new staff the ninja event EVERY TIME, like it does with the alliance event, by introducing new war boosts and awesome units.

My recommendation here is that, since we already get war boosts and awesome units from the alliance event, in the ninja event FG should introduce Henchmen (AKA pets) that either are great support units or just kick ass!!!

The best way to present them I think is to place them as bosses in certain stages in the ninja event. For example, how about FG makes a stage where a BIG knight that can cast hammerstrike and Howl (like the wolf), descends with his army to your tent, and your mission is to push him back and crash his castle gate? How about a BIG firemage that can cast firestorm alongside standard firebolts? or how about a BIG froster that can cast blizzard alongside frostbolts? or a HUGE paladin that can cast Shield ? (I m sure FG can figure out something better)

…that d be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! …right?