Stargazer boost - what determines its damage?

I have always hated stargazer boost. 

But it seems now more than ever that maxed FBs With this boost kills everything even shielded. 

Is it a percentage of the Towers max hp that decides the damage of the Tower? If so then it must be broken now since the forges that increases hp increase alot more than before

It’s a level of something because tougher towers (as in higher level and therefore more hp) do a lot more damage than weaker towers. And I mean A LOT.

And I hate this boost too now. Nothing like losing nearly an entire army of shielded ogres and monks to one exploding tower.

Yep it’s insane. 

Always hated this boost since I usually do melee units and everything gets instakilled after this update so i suspect it’s related to tower hp.

It should be scaled down now that towers has alot more hp