Starks of Winter fell (expansion pack)

Starks of Winterfell is an active group looking for new members to help propelled us all to greatness. We have several openings, are social, supportive and looking to take the next step as an alliance(I.e. We are nice, won’t be threatening to kick everyone, but get competitive when down by 200 trophies with 5 minutes to go in a war!).

Potential members should know we hold ourselves to these expectations:

  1. At 2,700 trophies or higher

  2. 50k alliance tower(or working towards it)

  3. Regularly active in wars (life happens, not everyone can fully participate on 4 fronts at all times)

  4. We boost (currently tough barricades for wars and cannons when possible, but we vote on preferences)

  5. Donations (see #4! More donations = more boosts

Currently level 32! If interested, recruiting team is:

Hellfury1 (aka the leader)

Barry Finer

Feliz joi2 joi2

Ellie the Queen



Larrold (me)

Feel free to reach out to any of us, openings available now. Looking forward to allies for our path to conquest!

You are the future!!

Just came in 3rd in our war, which means we are due for a better finish next time. Also we had a high round score of 40k+.

Just saying, maybe some reasons to be excited to get in now!

Maybe not call it an expansion pack…?

I feel like that is appropriate terminology, though open to suggestions. Also, still recruiting!

Bump (top showing was 56k attack this war)