stars of arendelle For Skull farming

Hi All,

Stars of Arendelle is a new guild I’ve created in order to create a new balanced newbie guild.

This is the place to grow together and share some pointers, wisdom and wealth.

Especially skull farming.

If you join an already established guild, you could suffer in wars because you are stuck as the bottom feeders. In this guild, I will try my best to find people with the same goals, skills and achievements.

Right now this is the requirement:

Active and literate

(meaning you login at least once a day, twice or more is preferred, and able to read chats and reply)

After you join in:

700 trophies, 5k donations, sturdy defense

(you can establish all these things within 1 week, heck you can do this in 1 day…)

Do note this is the minimal requirement any good guild will require of you.

Feel free to drop in to ask questions and such and grow. If you feel like leaving after, so be it.

But if you do want to grow with us, then we would do our best not to dissapoint you.


Inactives will be kicked, but you can rejoin afterward

Search for geekynerdyme or stars of arendelle now. 5 slots available.