When I go into rankings there is a circle of stars next to people’s names. How do I fill those up?

Win leagues,diamond league will earn u the max 5star

Yea that’s where I’m stuck where do I go to , to see these leagues?

U can’t see,only join.bronze-silver-gold-platinum-diamond the last league and u get the 5star


click on the statue in the middle of your castle square…

since you didn’t find the statue yet, I’m pretty sure you 're in bronze league

pls tell how to win that middle crown?


For that star you need to upgrade throne room to minimum level 10. As soon as that is accomplished, you can participate in pro league.

Here is everything you need to know.

Credits to @oPelle

To fill those up you need to join and win the leagues. There’s 5 leagues, Bronze (1st star), Silver (2nd star), Gold (3rd star), Platinum (4th star), and Diamond (5th star). You have to win at least top 3 to get 1st - 4th star but you have to win 1st to get 5th star.

Please visit this link for more information regarding the leagues:


You need to join and placed high rank on pro-leagues weekly leaderboards. You have to be on rank 11th - 100th to get bronze crown. You have to be on rank 2nd - 10th to get silver crown. You have to be on rank 1st to get golden crown.

Please visit this link for more information regarding pro-league:  and



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