start morale curse broken

I finally removed my start morale curse :wink:

The trick was suggested by JanKF (the developer) in another topic so you should thank him XD Although they should think to solve it as soon as possible and i hope in the next update they will fix it  ^_^


You can get Skull perk only on 3 items: Cape (6% chance to get it), Ring (6% chance to get it), Belt (9% chance to get it).

For more info you can check this wiki page where you can find all the chances for each item for any kind of perk ^^

^^ thnx anyway :wink:

^^but royal revolt wiki says it slows down all enemies in battle o.O and slowing enemies isn’t same as the slow effect cause by ice damage? I haven’t used time warp bt I guess when time warp is casted, it slows down all the enemies in the battlefield.

And, Is the item level proportional to the king’s level? I mean as a level 80 king my most recent item was level 98. So is the item level usually 15-20 levels higher than the kings xp level?

I guess slowdown perk should work more than ice slow effect otherwise people wouldn’t use it.


Well yes you have a range but i don’t exactly what it could be.


p.s: you can cast time warp in your base so you don’t waste gems and you see the effect ^^

Opelle could u mention the trick or a link to it in here. Thanks in advance

  • Remove the perk from the item you are not interested;
  • Close the game (also from the background);
  • Reopen the game;
  • Forge again the item where you want a different perk

You should get a new perk.

slowdown effects all enemy units and towers throught the raid. Like a mini time warp that lasts the whole time. I have 2.5% slowdown on my sword. So, in essence its like having an extra 4-5sec for the raid. Not really noticeable except for skull tower barrage.

Hey, what’s your sword level?

Wow!! Extra 4-5 secs is huge, sometimes it can be the difference between win or fail

Its simple…


2min44sec = 164 sec

3.5% slowdown implies

164 x 0.035 = 5.74 extra


so you will have 169.74 secs to raid any base…  :rolleyes:

Slowdown perk doesn’t slow down only things? So the time should remain always the same ^^

The Time Warp scroll slowdowns everything, even the time, so I think the perk should do the same.

It may mean 3.5% of the total time slowed by time warp spell Which wont be noticeable anyway!! Makes sense

hey, I think the curse returned :slightly_frowning_face:

According to slowdown perk i have for example 3.5% in my sword, but you don’t see any difference because it’s very tiny the number. Time Warp has 80% slowdown effect…so compared to my 3.5% is nothing that’s why i don’t see nothing, Slowdown perk of toxic cloud instead seems having 80% for sure.