Start of adventure

hi sorry to tag you, i just have a short question regards odyssey:
last week i was not able to play a lot. but on friday afternoon i could and was happy to see that odyssey was still available, so i rushed the first 4 adventures including some farming. for the last adventure i also needed farming and when i finally had some money to start the last one, i noticed that this was not able.
it seems that an adventure has to be started about 1h before odyssey ends… why? as i dont see any reason for this - we dont need 1h for 5 islands and and even if the adventure would have been started in time, no one forces us to finish that andventure before the end of the odyssey. no big deal, just lost one chest due to this, but i am wondering why there is a restriction. thx.

(here the system is telling me that 55min is not enought time for starting a new adventure…)

edit: maybe its bc of international times (last possible start would have been midnight local time), but it is a bit confusing.


This is mostly for technical reasons, to do with ongoing Adventures at the end of the Odyssey but we will look at reducing this time, 1 hour is more than is necessary.