Started a war in conquest, ITS BUGGED

We started a war vs a spy on our land, but now i cant attack the enemy? I am locked on a fief with nothing to do.

We get others to join to finish the war, but the enemy is now an open base that give 800 skulls, and Thats with +33% skull bonus? And no skulls in cof, even if you pay for Them all?

ballade Bent started the war, but he cant fight and is not on the list? And why enemy is bugged with low skulls?


Thanks Odkim for reporting the issue. We’re gonna look into that :grinning:

Hey Odkim.

Do you happen to have any screenshots of the map? We are currently trying to reproduce this bug. Was it just a single person that invaded your territory or did he build a tower near your border? Was the War on a regular tile or one that produces resources?

It was a enemy close to our stronghold. Ballade Bent started the war, enemy was on grass, and it was a neautral fief bordering to fief own by us. The enemy was lv 107 or so,.But the enemy base we could fight was like start of game, 1 arrow tower and a few knights.