Starter Packages

I’m already at level 55+ and still haven’t manage to get the starter package and I was wondering if the package will still appear at this point. 


I currently have around 200 gems, and 200+ gems stored in my achievements, is there a chance to get the package? Do I have to cut my gems? or I would just save 600 gems then buy the 3rd spell slot.


Thank you!

I can only say wait, there is not time to get it, you have to be patience, that’s all…

Usually package offers appear when you currently not have enough gems to buy them (i.e. less than 500 gems for starter package, if I remember correctly…).

Basically you can still get the starter package, yes.


Also, depending on how many gems you can earn in your tournaments at the moment, buying the 3rd spell slot separately might be worth doing as well, if you don’t get a starter package in near future. The 3rd spell slot is probably the most useful single purchase in the game. I also bought it separately for the 600 gem price, being a free player, and I didn’t really regret it as it is just necessary in higher levels to compete and really makes a big difference.

I am level 72 and when my gems are low they still offer me this pack.


I was so excited when I first got the game I got my 3rd unit and 3rd spell separately :wink:


thanks for the info sir. :slight_smile:

as long as you have less than 500

Yea try for under 200 gem for starter pack

hey guys, how bout for workers package? does it still appear on level 80 king, or most of level 80 king shows gold digger package?  

level 89, +3 workers and gold appears sometimes

If I had a problem that wasn’t Flares fault while trying to buy a package should I make a topic in the help section or just take the loss?

The problem I had prevented me from buying the package I was waiting for.

The Spells package that appear always to me is +1 level of Bladestorm, never the other type of spells ! Always +1 bladestorm for 1.500 gems T.T

Of course i don’t buy for only one spell

Are your other two spells maxed?

Well yes, you wanna say that is related to the spell i have in the 3 slots ? Because i never spend so much time to understand how is linked the spell package 

The spells they offer are indeed the same spells you used in the last battle before the offer came.

same with unit package. +1 level to all units you used in the last raid (except monsters)

Well i remember that i got a package that offer me mummy 4 + other little things, but i didn’t know how it worked that package i didn’t buy it 

I Want starter pack…!!!  :wink:

25 december 2015


it was christmas gift? :lol: