Starter Q

Hi guys, Im new in this game and I had some questions about it.
For example I really needed to know if it is ok to buy superboxes (guess is their EN name?..) to get best items possible at my level.
I’m still level 60 and I saw you can grow in levels fast enough that I (can be wrong)think maybe if I buy superboxes, those items will be useless after few days of exp.
What do you think?

After I shop my 3rd workers and slot for spells, whats next?
Do I need to wait for higher levels (which one??) because I will need them or I need something more important now?
The Alliance tower, I saw somewhere it is an important building, is it really important to max it even at low level?

I know you can do different setting on your hero, but I want to know what kind of bonuses is the best for me now and what are the most usefull speels to upgrade.
What is the best pet to use till I cannot buy pro ones?

I want to  upgrade my offense at max leaving for a while the defence in stand-by because I don’t really want to invest on it right now.
Can it work or not?

Any suggestion is welcome.
I will appreciate a lot any guide or link, but even more a comment with all details because I’m not good in english and I won’t be able to understand the language and the game machanics at same time in a video for example.

Thanks guys.