Statistics What do ya think?

I would like to see some form of stats! I love looking at my statistics in all games I play. It would also be nice to add a replay feature to be able to watch replays of other kings attacking your castle. It would be cool, sometimes I wonder where someone died, or did they run out of time or so on. Could make defense statistics too, how many kings have beat you, how many you defeated in your defense, how many of defeated kings were killed or how many ran out of time.


I know this one would probably go into a deepened area of statistics, but I would like to see tower stats too. Which towers have kills and how many, damage output of individual towers on enemy king/troop and so. It would help to see which towers on doing most damage/kills and can focus defenses around that little sweet spot


Offense stats could include how many of each troop you’ve killed, how many gates you beat, how many of what towers you got the killing blow on instead of troops, w/l record or ratio and so on


What other statistics does everyone else think there should be, or do you not like the idea of having them?


Im truly fond of the tower stats. how damage its done to what troop or king and how many troop kills it has and how many king kills, just some good detailed stats :wink:

For kill counts, they sound nice, but you have to keep in mind this might very well give biased numbers - e.g. a stronger tower might have a lower kill count than a weaker one, if the stronger one is put first and almost-kills many troops, and the weaker one behind merely finishes them off. Or, a tower at chokepoint has an insanely high kill count, but that’s not due to the tower itself but due to placement… also a lot depends on how the attacker behaves. So not sure how meaningful the kill counts will be. Also, if many attacker die early on or run out of time, the later towers wouldn’t get any kills even if strong and well-placed. And of course, kill is not equal to kill - killing a single froster or knight is different from killing a boosted werewolf, and with e.g. surprising mummy, a kill can even equal 10 newly spawning units… now, is a kill count good or bad? What does the kill count actually tell you? 

Also, what if you change your base layout, swap two towers, redo your waves setup or do any other changes to your defenses? Will all of your kill count stats of each tower reset? Or will they stay even though in the new setup they’re “wrong”/misleading? I see quite some complications and not so much use there, to be honest… 


For complete video-style replays of attacks, it will most probably not be possible for technical reasons as well as chaotic behaviour (small changes/inaccuracies can have huge effect/change on outcome). 


I strongly advocate some of the other mentioned stats.


Especially I’d like to see (as defender and as attacker) the time needed at end of raid (similar to how it is displayed for test raids!). Then you can evaluate how easy/hard your base was when someone has beaten it, and you also see whether an attacker just A ) died early, or B ) ran out of time when he got only 1 or 2 crowns, because for B ) the displayed time would be full raiding time, and for A ) you would see a much shorter time, and could also “reconstruct” what was the approximate situation when he died, from the time and percentage at death. 


Btw, there are already topics similar to this one, discussing statistics in general, discussing replays and rest-time display specifically, etc… make sure to search and take a look at them! :grinning:

yea I can see the problem with tower stats, good points were made.


far as replays go…is there a way that you could do it so that its not an actual video replay of what the attacker viewed during the attack? good example is the layout that is used to show tower placements and the path of someone you are about to attack could maybe be enlarged and use dots or some form of symbol to show friendly and enemy troop placement that occurred during the match. Im not tech guy…just love to play games lol so I don’t know how hard it would be or the technical issues that would accompany this “replay”.


I just think that recreating the attack is too hard even with added stats like time and percentage. Just too my variables such as king level and gear as well as troop levels. He may attack me with lvl 10 arblaster while mine are only level 7 because I don’t use them as much (just example). I know this started with stats, but you kind of broke my heart with it haha! so what are the odds of any form of “replay” just mapping tower locations on path and then color code enemy troop types then do a transparent circle around an area on the path where spells are used, color coding them as well for the spells attacker has equipped. Just some ideas I hope that someday may come to light :slight_smile:

I will draw up a picture to kinda show what I mean if it wasn’t clear, but im not smart and cant figure out how to post photos over 500mb…seems everyone does it fine, but all my photos are way over lol

I think you mean photos over 500kb :wink:

Anyway… concerning the point “I don’t know whether I have been attacked with lvl 7 or lvl 10 arbs”, on a replay you still wouldn’t know (I mean there might be a slight color change on lvl-up for troops, but that’s not enough to see their exact lvl either. And probably you would already “know” that in high lvl you won’t be attacked with lvl 1 arbs even without looking at the troop color tint). 


Anyway, the thing with a replay is that there’s accuracy limits for everything being saved. Those inaccuracies add up quickly and may easily generate a completely different outcome on the replay compared to the original raid. E.g. the difference between a king barely surviving at a point with very low health, and the king dying there, that lies very close together. Even minimal inaccuracy will make the replay possible show a wrong death or wrong survive. And that is just one little example, many things can go slightly different. Also e.g. a hostile froster barely passing your across-path troops (slightly out of range) and moving further along his way, or barely reaching the first of your troops, slowing them, and himself staying in place to continue firing at your following troops, can change the further development of a raid. And can you garantuee that 10 quickly summoned knight at the start always pop up in the right order and positions and move in the exact same fashion (including small collisions between the troops)? Can you guarantee that a firebolt hits the exact same targets to set them on fire, will they run around in panic in the exact same fashion? What about mummies (spawned “near the king”? They have a “spawn radius” of about 1 tile, and even during the raid it’s not easy to guess where exactly one particular mummy will pop up, even less so for the replay. What about e.g. lag during the game, changing framerates, time of input execution, troop spawning, etc… in the replay this is most likely different… 

I guess by now you get the point, an accurate and RELIABLE replay with hundreds of units, thousands of actions and reactions etc… is hardly possible. And an inaccurate, unreliable, possibly (most likely) completely wrong replay is no use. 

All of that does not even think about video recording, space for saving the replay data, alternative visualization of replays or any other aspects. 


What I meant in my post above was, you can reconstruct e.g. the time and place where the attacker died, from victory percentage and rest time - as he moves along mostly linearly through your base, you can just say, “if he reached 45%, he was shortly before reaching the gate (about right before the last barricade/blockade, in most designs)”, without further knowledge of the raid. And with the time left, you can see what waves where near the place where the player died, at the time of his death (as the defensive waves always appear in the same fixed order, at the same fixed times). 

Sure, this doesn’t tell you which of your 5 archers and 2 ogres actually dealt the final, deadly blow, nor does it tell you “neither of them! it was the firebolt tower nearby!”. But this detail isn’t important, as it is a matter of luck / randomness, which of your units deals the final hit. Important is “this area is where most of my attackers have trouble and die, so this seems to be an effective combination there”. Also, you see which units (and roughly in which ratio) an attacker uses. If most people with e.g. archer knight cannon combo beat your base with 30s left, while those with knight froster ogre also beat your base but only with 2s left, then you know your base isn’t very effective against the 1st combo, but decent against the 2nd combo. Whether the attacker used 1 more or less knight on a particular raid, is completely irrelevant to you as defender. 

So that’s why I say rest time (in addition with already existing information) would already help a lot for analyzing attackers’ raids. Sure, not every detail caught, but could be implemented easily and without any problems, and would help a lot already, while being compact enough not to waste space, time and computation power.