Stats for new max level spells and troops

Does any have pics of the new max level stat on the following?


New upgrade levels for troops, spells, buildings and obstacles:


   Alliance Tower: +1 Level

   Archer: + 1 Level

   Pyromancer: +1 Level

   Bomb Tower: +1 Level

   Blizzard: +1 Level

   Poison Cloud: +1 Level

   Hammerstrike: + 1 Level

   Stun: +1 Level


Will upload pyromancer soon and archers


Are you there? I do not see a similar nickname

One thing I noticed is that real money donation is a dollar less. It used to be $4.99 now it is $3.99 for a 2 million donation. My archer will be done in a few days so I will let you know then.

Anybody know the level 9-11 stats of Blizzard after the upgrade? Anybody ask Jona what we can expect by investing in the upgrade? Moderators got any ideas?

My level 10 blizzard has 2140 damage with a 12 second cool down and range of 5.5. The level 11 upgrade for blizzard cost 7.5 million and adds 428 to its damage and takes 7days 21 hours to finish the upgrade.

My archer just updated to level 11. Damage is 746 and hp is 1540.

Pyro stats


Level 8 

3440 HP attack 181

Stats maxed archer elite level 4: hp 3234 attack 1228

Elite Archer powerfull but same problem like by knight, to many make the game very laggy.

Give archer a chance, i do so. For now jason was right but need more test.


Fii Nami thats for you :grinning:



H N D (Vanguard Legion)

amazing how quickly the oger and the werewolves die.




Sorry Jason for hijacking your post but i think it was the right place for posting this videos.

Blizzard level 11 maxed out. Damage 2568 with a cool down of 12 seconds and a range of 5.5.