Stats on maxed blacksmith anyone?

So im curious if anyone knows the stats of the last blacksmith upgrade now?

Is the last step also -50 secs melting time per pearl?

600% pearls conversiom with 1 pearl every 1m 40s 

Thats level 12 stats isnt it?

I believe there was 2 more levels for the blacksmith… so im wondering if level 13 will have 50secs per pearl?

Well two more levels would be kinda stupid since we have the 50 gems boost already.I doubt there more than level 12.

it wais oPelle, who “wrote” about +2 levels by creation of more cells in table? :slight_smile:

yes I was me since they wrote in the patchnote (you can see in the official announcement forum regarding update 2.0.0) that blacksmith has until lvl 13

Yup thats why I said theres a level 13 since it was listed in announcement