Statue of Athena - Developers


I was wondering about the role of the Statue of Athena right behind the Gate of Apollo. She is just standing there lonely, can not be moved, and does nothing.

However, if i click on it, it says level 1. It can not be upgraded tough. Will she get some role in the future? Would be nice if it could be upgraded and let’s say She could boost the Gate or certain troops in the defense depending on the Statues level. Would be also a good idea to be able to upgrade it with resources (not Gems) so we could get rid of the wisdom, gold and ambrosia piled up. (since we don’t have a marketplace?)

Just an idea, but i think not a bad one and could be developed for Christmas. By the way, are You guys planning to present us some gifts for Christmas?


Thx »»Gerger««  Four Horsemen -  Officer