Statue resist 75% ?

@CaptainMorganlooks like it’s 45%, not 75%

Perhaps you should read official announcement buddy.:slight_smile:

the same thing happened to me too, my statue went from a physical resistance of 90% to 45% instead of 75%

please fix thanks

Well it’s their fault … they post 75%. Then the 45% one. Then they add to the first post putting it on top of visible list again… 



Yep that one and this one too.


It’s especially important to max out her cape

You mean Athena? If yes, then it is the wrong topic ?




youre probably right. 


Lemme see if I can turn this one around…




no, I think you’re right. 

It’s all good and well saying ‘read the announcement’, but with everything that has gone on recently … and I don’t think you need me to start listing them, I don’t think we need to be in a position AGAIN saying theres a bug on an update that has just been released

WHY would you release the update in the first place without checking that it has met the brief and delivered on what it was intended to do


It’s fun! Livin’ On the edge baby!

when there was @Alysea the game was great, now with this @GalaMorgane who takes the salary without doing anything, even intervenes only to threaten us and tell us to moderate the language when we say that she does not do anything, the game is full of bugs of players discontent who abandon. @CaptainMorgan since you are on the forum and read the complaints of the players could you tell your boss to come to the forum to see how GalaMorgane earns the salary without doing the job for which it is paid?

Captain Morgan’s boss is different from Gala’s boss. Gala’s boss is a super creep and a bully who I’m surprised still has a job in the current political climate.