Hello Community,


We are sorry to inform you that there currently are ongoing issues with the Alliance Wars.


This means that your Alliance might currently be unable to participate in any Alliance War even though it fulfills the requirements to do so.

Unfortunately, it might also happen that the current War season ends prematurely for you.

Due to these issues, some other side effects connected to Alliance Wars might occur.


Please be assured that the team is investigating these issues as we speak to resolve them as quickly as possible. This however requires a lot of effort and research, so please allow them some time for this.


If you should encounter any issue during the current Alliance Wars season, please post the following information:

-        A detailed description of the issue that you are experiencing

-        Your username

-        The name of your alliance (and the names of the opposing Alliances if applicable)


You can post your report as a direct reply to this topic. This will help us a lot with our current investigations. Please do not open a new topic for these issues as this will make it harder for us and the team to track your feedback.


As soon as we have news on this, we will let the community know immediately.


We are sorry for the inconvenience that this might cause you.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Description: War season shortcut at top of screen disappeared as soon as countdown to season start was over. Trying to access the other way only brings up the conditions screen (as if war has not started yet), not a war map thus my alliance cannot play the game. We have more than enough players to qualify for war and have never had this problem before.

username: Sirgreg1

Alliance: Gaybears


My Alliance did not automatically get placed in the current war even though we have more than eight active members.

Alliance name: Sky Lotus

IGN: Mangorange


Alliance Wales

User Fulldragoon

Problem Unable to join alliance wars- no option or way to press join wars as it has not appeared

  • We are unable to participate in the alliance war. The war map does not show and we have no opponents. Our alliance is fully eligible and we have 18/18 active members.

  • Username: David the Brute

  • Alliance name: in Flanders fields

Thanks for fixing the problem. Gems or vouchers welcome for compensation.

same problem: We can’t go int the WAR

Alliance name: Scythia academy

IGN: bod.tom


And six alliances is the same problem:

Alliance names:

In Flanders fields 

Scythia academy



Sky Lotus


Description : The first season war has had just started, she was already finished…we received a mail instanstly " war is over". we waited until the “end”, but nothing happened. And when we tried to go in the war for attack, we were disconnected.

Now, the second season war, it’s a little bit different, it’s like if we didn’t exist. 


Alliance name : Antis0cial

User game : Co0okie 

We are six. Maybe we are meant to fight each other ?

hey flare ,

today doing my second fight against KOR I raided the person 100% and claimed 826+ skulls and 52 skulls in cof …but when I saw my fight against them it was showing 1/8 I even lost the skulls I claimed…and foods too so please I want to know why …if it going like that everyone will be depressed and will uninstall this game so I request you to fix this problem …if you want to give me something I don’t want or if you want you can…ign: justintyga alliance: little Huns

We can not start te war.


Alliance name: Twokkie

Username: Twirre




Les Francais

I m having problems with the app showing “bad connection” after a raid! My net connection is fast enough nd I can switch to any app, even at the moment it says bad connection nd they work just fine! I hv already written a ticket abt it! It’s just frustrating to complete a raid nd then lose it for no apparent reason!

Hello, we create an alliance of gamers coing from your concurrent My and Innospark.And we were motivated to begin our first alliance war. But no map appears. Please solve the bug and we are waiting a present in gmême special bonus. All of us have invest in gemmes.

our alliance name is Samouraii, french team.

Response ASAP. Please.

Chief cpt.tieno 

You can add Samouraii … no war map

Hi, our alliance (Bzh atao) didn’t get to join the alliance wars

for this current season (Cruel Cannons),

but we have 19 total members

and have 12 active members,

pretty much qualifies for the alliance wars.

So thanks in advance if you fix this problem :slight_smile:


Username: dkei211

Alliance: Bzh atao

Don’t even have the option to start the war for the past two seasons. The timer is still there but we can’t go to war or anything. Hey I’m not complaining. I don’t wanna get rekt and have our fiefdoms taken.


Alliance: The Snapes


Description:  War Season controls disappeared after war season started.  They have not returned all day.  Our alliance has enough members, but cannot participate.


Alliance: Leeroy Jenkins

there’s a chance that the second start of the season we have been able to participate in the war? or there will be no war has been for us, but in compensation we get all three war boosts? And we have not talked about a lot of value to placing him he fall away because we can acquire magic chests because of the error.


In addition, the error is that now they are not even the war will be a season boosts rewards, just as they are now, until they expire. But the picture is certainly the recent war, it appears to conditions of the season and special boosts.


i understand that you need time, but the war lasts a fixed period of time, and as time passes, there is a growing disadvantage! help me, please!


Alliance name: Scythia academy

IGN: EmZse

No news about the résolution of the war map problem?

Alliance : Samouraii

chief cpt.tieno

16 members


Alliance: - level up -

Username: - caos -

Numb of members:19

Problem Unable to join alliance wars- no option or way to press join wars as it has not appeared

and i wondered me a lot why we can´t join the newest War. We won the last one with 1. place and have enough active players


alliance: 2Lucky2Die


user: Aphariel


same problem like user okhaha, no button no option to join the war!