Still no news on next update

Looks like update is huge  <_< so taking lots of time… Or else they are wrapping things up just after getting lots of money on subs  :grinning:

I believe there will be an update this next week. Although, if it’s taking this long it is good news. Probably means they are testing and making sure there are no bugs this time around

ok I still believe they are doing something…But what is stopping them from giving sneak peaks on fb  :angry:

They want it to be a surprise. Last time the surprise of the Viking was ruined when someone (I won’t name names) told EVERYBODY that the new troop was the Viking

Hope this time no new alliance lv , 80 is enough for now…

I honestly hope there is just a community week of some kind of birthday festival.

I think a lot of players (including myself) are tired of constant need to upgrade everything. It also scares away newcomers, when they see that it needs at least 2-3 years to get everything maxed or invest thousands of cash, then they will quit pretty fast. 90% of my voucher friends stop before even reaching level 50. A few ones hold on and reach level 70. But major part of them stops pretty fast.

So for me there needs to be no more new release. 

Just a couple of counter points, it has to be balanced somewhat, if you don’t add new things and levels, people get bored faster and leave. They can however add new stuff that doesn’t required leveling, or as seen in other games, make it faster to level through the old stuff. I have too much bread atm, and nothing to use it on, far ahead in diamond league already, don’t need gold or XP. What do I do? i go play another game…

Also many players stop playing new games pretty quickly after weeks/months of every game, its quite normal. maybe RR2 could make the mid levels a bit better, currently its easy at start, and ramps up hard if you don’t know what you are doing.

Adding new stuff is fine with me, they should stop adding more levels to towers, troops, structures and everything. That we should upgrade troop academy, plus do research inventory tower to unlock new towers and/or blockades is fine with me.

However what we saw last time is that we needed to upgrade throne room with some other main buildings, then upgrade wizard tower plus troop academy, castle guard and everything else, before we could level up everything by 1 level. Once again, towers, spells, troops and defensive structures need no additional level. 

That there is new stuff, fine with me, but stop giving players a deja vu. Why on earth we need more than two months to level up everything once again. 

Flaregames should think to attract more potential players. Adding levels to towers, units, spells, ect. is not a good idea in 2018, maybe it should be better in 2019 at least.

I am looking at 

  1. Bugs to be removed.

  2. Exciting War and Ninja rewards, and make it more unique. Regular change to the Pro-shop or option to change the pro-shop by spending gems (like granny)

  3. Regular festivals events

  4. Introduction to Landscape challenges

  5. Enhanced tweaking to the king’s profile.

  6. New troops, spells, and towers (although not in my top priority)

  7. Overall feel improvements



Hope the update is exciting for a comeback …nooo, it’s not the game, just not enough time.

I hope for birthday festival I which I will replace old skull weapon and gloves for better one.

and of course BS event…



I like 69 ?

RR2 is an RPG game of sorts, and I’d say its pretty common to keep adding new levels for expansion. Yes not terribly interesting, but then you can say why have levels at all? just have everything level 1 - maxed from the start. Its a game after all and adding even mundane stuff just something to do.

I’m going to get crucified for the next part, but they really needed to add new hero levels. This allows the game to ‘refresh’ in that all the top players have to get all the items again, not good for lazy players that don’t want to get new items again, but its needed to give them something to do. It also allows for fresh blood into top alliances, ie give everyone a somewhat fresh plate to start getting SP again (make the new items max 10% sp for example) then you have more players that can meet the SP requirements for top alliance. And gets away from top players holding onto low level SP items just so they don’t have to start forging from scratch again. Also makes ubers meaningful again for them, to collect items again.

the issue here is that they have made leveling up to max probably way too hard. Same goes for alliance levels. There’s really nothing wrong with adding more alliance levels, and if it took on average all of the top 100 alliances only say 2months on average to get to the new max, then there wouldn’t be issue. Issue is only that they’ve made it too hard to level up.



seeing the birthday chest results, I have changed my mind about the update. 

It’s better FG does not bring any updates, or we will be disappointed, yet again.

Here my birthday chest

  • Vouchers -> 356
  • Pearls -> 422
  • Gems -> 83
  • Items
    • Helmet (Epic) 66 pearls
    • Helmet (Epic) 48 pearls
    • Boot (Epic) 21 pearls
    • Armor (Legendary) 108 pearls
    • Ring (Uber) 158 pearls

All by all not very exciting. 

I got 23 vouchers?

maybe coz, if i got 356 vouchers, i could claim the 1500 gemsreward?

As  mentioned in other topic, probably looked very well what is given to a player ?

I need around 900 vouchers for the 1500 gems. 

I would not call that out loud so hard without any proof, it’s based on suspicion, although it’s very easy to limit gifts of a certain type to a max to prevent that indeed to happen.

You are right dena : people shouldn’t see a given horse in the mouth.  But i guess this horses  were pretty old?

 Very similar here… I was expecting birthday presents u know one chest on a year … like pro items more gems more pearls … lol

Agree with all except for this one. The Pro Shop is good the way it is. It may be frustrating to not have enough crystals to get what you want, but spending gems would make it unfair once again. It’d be down to who had more gems or money. Pro Crystals for buying is good, but I agree with all your other suggestions :grinning: